The Fayette Tribune, Oak Hill, W.Va.


FWC garden

Members of the Fayetteville Woman’s Club and Lowe’s of Fayetteville sponsor the youth flower garden located next to the Hewitt and Salvatore Law Firm on Court Street in downtown Fayetteville. Each year, the members of the Fayetteville Woman’s Club partner with the Fayetteville Lowe’s store manager Craig Clemens and work with local youth to maintain the youth flower garden that was established on Earth Day 2007. This is the sixth year of the garden, and the youth that participated in the flower planting are from the Fayetteville United Methodist Church’s after-school program and their teachers, Mary Moses and Peggy Rogers. Members of the Fayetteville Woman’s Club who participated in the weeding, flower planting and mulching are Delores Nelson, president, and members, Nancy McKown and Annita Lanham.