The Fayette Tribune, Oak Hill, W.Va.

January 20, 2014

FHS students to learn parenting skills

By Steve Keenan
Staff Writer

— Some Fayetteville High School students will get to wrap their arms around their technology-based babies later this school year.

In March, teacher Cathy Kachman’s 25-member parenting class will conclude a project that will result in students taking their ‘babies’ home overnight to encounter some of what is involved in raising an infant.

“They’ll get to take their babies home and take care of them one evening,” said Kachman. “It’s all based on technology.”

The artificial infants, tracked by a computer chip, will cry because they’re hungry or for some other reason, or they may need their diaper changed, she said. “The student has to figure out what is wrong.”

“They think it’s going to be fun,” Kachman said. “I want to teach that babies can be fun, but there’s a lot of responsibility with them, too.”

Readings from the computer chip will “tell me how good a caregiver they are.”

Sophomores Jeri Landers and Katie Garvin are among those anticipating the class project.

“It’s going to be fun,” said Landers. But, she added, she’s “worried about (the baby) waking me up at night.”

Garvin, who also said she expects it to be fun, said the project will be “something new I’ve never done before. And it will help me when I become a mother.”

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