The Fayette Tribune, Oak Hill, W.Va.

March 18, 2013

Course in ghost hunting offered at New River

SUMMERSVILLE — New River Community and Technical College is offering a new, one-of-a-kind class in Summersville, on April 23 and April 25.

Ghost Hunting 101, an informative and intriguing class on the popular subject of ghosts will be taught by Sherri Brake.

Class participants will learn about ghosts and spirits while examining the basics of the paranormal.  Students will learn by hands-on use of equipment both scientific and metaphysical such as EMF meters, night vision, pendulums and dowsing rods.  They also will learn how to do a proper ghost investigation and to research hauntings.

Some of the topics covered will be:

—  Defining Paranormal Hauntings vs. Paranormal Activity,

— Ghosts and Spirits,

— Demons and Hollywood,

— West Virginia Haunted Locations,

— Ghosts in Photos,

— Tools of the Trade and How to Use Them,

— Proper Investigation Documentation, and

— Safety Protocols.

The class will meet from 5 to 9 p.m. at the West Virginia Workforce Building at 830 Northside Drive for the first night and at a field location to be determined by the instructor for the second night.

Tuition is $75. This class does have limited registration and is expected to fill quickly. For more, call 304-883-2246.