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January 9, 2013

Tribune Readers’ Views for Thursday, January 10, 2013

School levy, Toy fund thanks

Study the school levy proposal before voting

I would like to challenge the citizens of Fayette County to read and think before voting for the County School Levy. I have never voted against a school levy, but this year I have reservations and will study very much before I cast my vote.

I have difficulty with the state being here in Fayette County telling us what to do with our school system. In the last three years, as I have stated before, the state has been in Fayette County, we have seen nothing but decline in our system and a group from Charleston spending our county funds like drunken sailors. For example, Mr. (Dwight) Dials enlarged the central office staff and look what has happened to your local schools. Lower test scores, larger dropout rate, lower graduation rate, and many other problems.

Mr. (Keith) Butcher takes over after Mr. Dials could not improve things and after Danese and Nuttall schools are closed. There was to be a half-million in savings in closing these schools. He hires a curriculum director (92,000+), keeps the director of operations (80,000+), must increase the associate superintendent’s salary by 12,000+ because she would be making less than the director, a new bus and driver for Nuttall area (100,000+). All “savings” eaten up by central office staff and non-necessary spending.

Now they want us to vote to continue a school levy that will add to your property taxes. New levy calls (are included), such as $650,000 to give free lunch to students. The county has had free lunch for all students paid by the state and would have continued if county administrators would have had every students’ parent or guardian fill out a lunch form. How hard in a year’s time (is it) to get them completed, but no, the principals failed to do their jobs and we lost the funding. Now Fayette County taxpayers are being asked to pick up the tab. I could have had all forms at any school in six weeks.

Also, they want to add $150,000 to transport students to athletic events as well as asking for $72,000 to pay for students going to ballgames. Also, $8000 for farm products which can be arranged at the Fayette County Farmers Market if the director of food service would walk over to the Courthouse parking lot.

Most of the levy is salaries and benefits for employees. Look in the levy, it is loaded with pork just like our federal government.

Central office staff state in their brochure that students will get free books, free meals, free paper, free trips, free farm food.

Nothing is free. It is paid by Fayette County taxpayers.

When I grew up I had to earn money if I wanted to go to a school activity that cost. I believe that you learn responsibility this way. Are we not giving people enough? Why can not people help pay their way instead of depending on my tax money and making me pay the way of people who have never been responsible?

The school principals are sending these brochures to vote for the levy by students to take home to parents. I have always thought this is morally wrong, even if it is legal.

I urge every Fayette County taxpayer to take time and study this levy and then decide, “Are you getting what your money is being spent on?” I have checked. I would save $469.25 if the levy failed. As I said, you must make up your own mind and I have not yet.

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