The Fayette Tribune, Oak Hill, W.Va.

July 10, 2013

Construction to begin on Page-Kincaid PSD wastewater extension

— At its June 11 meeting, the commissioners of the Page-Kincaid PSD signed necessary papers to permit FAMCO, Inc., to begin construction this month on the next phase of the PSD’s wastewater expansion on Loop Creek.

Present at the meeting were PSD Commissioners James Kincaid and John David, PSD Manager Bart Jackson, Robert Williams, Phil Tissue, as well as representatives from Pentree Engineering, Steptoe & Johnson, Region 4 Development Council, USDA, SALS, FAMCO, WV DOH, and Shentel.

The project will construct wastewater services in North Page and Johnson Branch at a cost of $2,480,000. Bart Jackson, PSD manager, noted that this includes $2,180,000 in grant funds from several sources that translate into a record high 88 percent grant-funded project.

David said the PSD is extremely fortunate to have grants cover such a high percentage of the project and the fact represents a clear commitment by public agencies to create a healthy environment in and around Loop Creek from Oak Hill to the Kanawha River in Deepwater. Typically, he explained, grant funds seldom exceed half the project cost. In this case, the major grant was due to a USDA “set aside” grant available only because most of the project was within the Upper Kanawha Valley Enterprise Community area and the PSD made a special application when the UKVEC still had official USDA designation.

FAMCO is a West Virginia company that has its employees represented by the United Steelworkers of America. Owner Richard Smailes knows the system well since he began his career installing water lines for the first Page-Kincaid PSD water project in the late 1970s.