The Fayette Tribune, Oak Hill, W.Va.

January 30, 2014

Fayetteville woman is injured in fire

By Chris Boyd
Register-Herald Reporter

— A Fayetteville woman was seriously injured in a residential fire Tuesday about 5 p.m., authorities said Wednesday.

Fayetteville Fire Chief John Vernon said two Fayetteville Police Department officers were first on the scene, and tried to reach the woman but were turned back by the heat and smoke.

The Fire Department arrived soon after with three engines. The original responding firefighters split into two crews with one entering the front and the other coming in the rear of the residence. Those entering the rear of the home quickly had to back out as the floor collapsed. Fire officials believe the fire started in the home’s basement.

The crew that came in the front, however, was able to beat the fire back and rescue the occupant, who was taken to Raleigh General Hospital where she was treated and later transported to a Charlottesville, Va., burn center.

Vernon asks that “everybody send prayers out for the lady.”

Crews from Oak Hill, Ansted, Gauley Bridge, Fayetteville and Nuttall fire departments responded to the emergency. This response was not because of the severity of the fire but rather the automatic mutual aid system that Fayette County has in place. If a call is made in the county at least two fire departments will respond. This system is in place because of the need for more volunteer firefighters in the area.

Vernon wanted to “thank the Fayetteville Police and other fire departments that responded,” helping to fight the fire through the night by rotating shifts with the other volunteers involved and giving some relief from the low temperatures.

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