The Fayette Tribune, Oak Hill, W.Va.

August 15, 2013

Commission votes to support sewer clean-up efforts in Meadow Bridge

From staff reports

— After a catastrophic failure at its sewer plant, the town of Meadow Bridge has secured a $10,000 allotment from Fayette County to reimburse clean-up efforts.

Cleaning the plant’s oxidation ditch after the failure cost $49,351, according to Alice King of the Region 4 Planning and Development Council, who is assisting the town with their sewer issues. The money came from the town's emergency fund, which they want to replenish.

The town will use the $10,000 from the county, along with approximately $5,000 from its own coffers, to ask for a Governor’s Community Participation Grant for the $34,000 remaining to cover the cleanup costs.

The town is also pursuing several grants to do a major renovation of the plant. Since the oxidation ditch clean-up, two pumps have failed.

The plant has had trouble for years, said an official from the town’s sanitary board. Heavy rains cause the plant to spill into Meadow Creek, which is a trout stream.

At its Tuesday meeting, the county commission also accepted the recommendation of the county Planning Commission to adopt changes to the Unified Development Code, which enacts land use and zoning in the county.

Changes include the repeal of an article on special events and mass gatherings and new definitions for transition team, special event/ mass gathering, video lottery, video lottery establishments, mini storage, and hospital.

The county also renewed its arrangement with the City of Oak Hill, whereby the county building inspector provides services to the city and the city adopts the county's building code. Profits from building permits are then divided between the two entities.

The Office of Emergency Services was granted four part-time employees, a new vehicle for the county fire coordinator and a fire administrative assistant.