The Fayette Tribune, Oak Hill, W.Va.

September 2, 2013

Chamber announces nominees

— The Fayette County Chamber of Commerce has announced the nominees for its annual Man, Woman and Business of the Year awards.

Nominated for Man of the Year for 2013 are Jack Crosier and John Horn.

Woman of the Year nominees for 2013 are Diana Janney, Helen Lewis, Marion Tanner, Brenda Taylor, Jennifer Salvatore and Denise Scalph.

Lively Insurance/Realty Company and the Lively Family and the Whipple Company Store and Appalachian Heritage Museum were nominated for Business of the Year.

The winners will be recognized Thursday, Sept. 19 at the Chamber’s annual picnic at the Oak Hill Holiday Lodge. A social hour is scheduled at 5 p.m., followed by dinner and recognition of the winners at 6 p.m.

Cost of the picnic is $30 per person. The deadline to RSVP is Sept. 13.

The votes are due in the Chamber office at 310 Oyler Avenue, Oak Hill, by this evening.

Following is a brief personal sketch of each nominee as submitted for consideration.

Man of the Year Nominees

Nominees for the Man of the Year are people who live in the Fayette County community who have demonstrated hard work, dedication to the area, volunteer service and/or leadership in our county.

Jack Crosier: I would like to nominate Jack Crosier for always being there when needed and ready to serve the community. Jack always has a smile on his face and a kind word. A life-long resident of Oak Hill, he is a 1972 graduate of Collins High School. For many years he has been the manager of the Lewis Christian Community Center in Oak Hill. He is an asset to the Center and does a fabulous job there.

During the storm of 2012, he operated the center 24 hours a day for many days to shelter and feed hundreds of area residents who were without power, food or water. He remains prepared and opens the doors on a minute’s notice when an emergency occurs.

Jack keeps a busy schedule of events at the center and is always helpful and cordial. He and his wife Carla are members of the Oak Hill United Methodist Church. I feel Jack deserves the title of Fayette County Man of the Year.

John Horn: I would like to nominate John Horn. John has always been community-oriented and ready to lend a hand to any school or civic group. While my daughter was involved in the band, Mr. Horn gave us a discount to the Band Boosters which immensely helped our organization raise funds for the kids. He has always promoted our events and has been very professional.

During last year’s storm, he opened up his store with generators and offered our community some kind of normalcy when we had high temperatures and no power. His team worked so hard in that pizzeria with the ovens going and never complained. The community was so grateful  to know that someone went that far out of their way to prepare their favorite pizza.

John is always willing to stick promotions on his pizza boxes to help promote local and charitable events. He has given job opportunities to a lot of first-time employed teenagers. After two fires, he is now relocated after much hard work and is one of the biggest Domino’s in the chain. John believes in his community and is always willing to help. Thank you for considering his nomination.

Woman of the Year Nominees

Nominees for the Woman of the Year are people who live in the Fayette County community who have demonstrated hard work, dedication to the area, volunteer service, vision and for leadership in our county.

Helen Lewis: Mrs. Lewis has served as director of the St. Andrew’s Day Care since 1989 and has worked there for a total of 29 years. She is originally from Mount Hope and completed a Bachelor of Arts degree at Bluefield State College. She is certified in CPR and first aid, as well as medication administration. She teaches the preschool group at St. Andrew’s with a focus on advanced reading prior to kindergarten. While director, she has successfully sought out grant funding and increased the day care’s participation in programs for children in need, including the Fayette County pre-K program, W.Va. Child Nutrition Program and W.Va. Stars Program.

An active part of the Fayette County community, Mrs. Lewis serves on the Ladies Aid at Pleasant View Church of the Brethren, as well as being involved in the adult and youth choirs. She met her husband, Coach Ronnie Lewis, at Mount Hope, and they have been married for 39 years. They have two children. Mrs. Lewis is also a classically trained soprano and enjoys fishing with her husband, travel and gardening.

Diana Janney: Diana Janney has been instrumental in the Oak Leaf Festival every year since it began. She has taken care of vendors, worked with ideas for the kids’ entertainment and served on the steering committee.

I have seen her in action, literally stopping traffic on Main Street outside her place of employment (Chase Bank), so that one of her elderly customers can safely cross the street. She has always done whatever it takes for her customers.

Diana is on the board of directors at her church; she teaches Sunday school and is a big asset to the Vacation Bible School. Diana still has time to serve on the city council and always brings a positive attitude with some wonderful ideas to the table.

She has been a huge asset to the White Oak Rail Trail Expo. She is always there with a smile on her face. She helped paint the spaces, assisted me with what should and shouldn’t be done. To sum it up, anytime something needs done, she’s doing it.

Marion Tanner: One woman makes a huge difference in our community through her volunteer efforts. That woman is Marion Tanner. She has achieved the level of Master Gardener for five years. When she heard about the Boy Scout programs, she came up with the idea of having the group to do gardens and bat houses at the 4-H camp so the kids wouldn’t be afraid to sleep in the cabins. She didn’t want to see the bats exterminated because of the benefits bats bring to our communities. She spent countless hours working out thousands of details to make everything run smoothly.

We ended up with hundreds of plants, pre-cut bat houses, 40 Boy Scouts, our gardening group and 4-H Extension all working together to make this a success story. We now have a beautiful entrance garden, meadow garden, bat houses and then, in addition, a West Virginia garden.

She is a longtime member of the Fayetteville Baptist Church and very involved in her county. I would love to see her hard work and dedication rewarded. She is truly an inspiration to us all.

Brenda Taylor: Brenda Taylor is nominated because she is a person who cares so much for others. She is constantly doing for others, especially for kids. She collects clothing and toys, including stuffed animals. She has been president of AIM (Ansted Improvement Motivators) for four years and spends many months volunteering her time for the Christmas parade and the annual veterans’ program. In keeping with serving her community, she is a newly-elected councilperson for Ansted.

She works hard for the kids at her church, teaching Sunday school and Wednesday night classes and is the director. She also does Bible school and prepares all the lessons. She helps people find places to live and helps them to do their paper work to apply to college.

All these things she does while caring for her husband, who is a disabled veteran. This is the reason why I believe my mom, Brenda Taylor, should be Fayette County Woman of the Year. She always goes above and beyond for anyone she meets. She is an inspiration to me and many other young women in Ansted and Fayette County.

Jennifer Salvatore: I would like to nominate Jennifer Salvatore for Fayette County Woman of the Year. No matter when I call for assistance, she has always been there when I have needed anything special for our school, New River Elementary. She has been a dedicated PTA president at the school since its opening several years ago. As a teacher, I can always count on her to help. She is simply amazing.

Jennifer is involved in her community of Fayetteville as well, opening a business, Wild Flour Bakery, and supporting her local schools and civic groups with something sweet to complement any fundraising efforts. She has served on several committees for the county over the years. I think Jennifer Salvatore is your next Fayette County Woman of the Year.

Denise Scalph: Denise is nominated for her hard work, commitment, vision and leadership of Fayette County. She is a business owner in Fayetteville and serves as county commissioner. But if you know Denise, you know her dedication and hard work goes far beyond that.

In many years of living in Fayette County, she has always volunteered her time and participated in any way she could in helping others. She is generous in her support of civic organizations, schools and churches by always contributing gifts and donations for any fundraiser that the people in our community have. She is actively involved as a board  member and committee member in many of these community organizations and gives generously of her time as well.

Denise’s hard work, positive friendly attitude and sincere concern and love for our county and the people who live her are why I believe Denise Scalph should be Fayette County Woman of the Year.

Business/Organization of the Year Nominees

One of the true measures of a business enterprise is what it gives back to the community. Do they support local charities and events? Do they get involved in activities that help foster the development of a community’s people and its economy?

Lively Insurance/Realty and Family: I would like to nominate the Lively Insurance/Realty and the family for their dedication to our community as the 2013 Business of the Year. The late James E. Lively Sr., his wife Loretta and the employees sit on numerous boards, serve on committees and volunteer countless hours. The Lively family has run two successful businesses for many years. The businesses remain viable in today’s economy due to good lead leadership and investments. Their businesses are not limited to Oak Hill, but extend past the county line.

It was their vision and drive that has seen the Lively Family Amphitheater in Oak Hill become a reality. The success of their businesses in our community has come back to endow us with his awesome facility for all to enjoy. The Lively family and their employees are true community servants. Thank you for your consideration of the Lively Insurance/Realty and the family for their many years of exemplary community citizenship.

Whipple Company Store and Appalachian Heritage Museum: I’m nominating the Whipple Company Store as a local business that promotes preservation, opportunity and growth in Fayette County. Joy and Chuck Lynn are dedicated to preserving the building, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The museum not only is preserving the history, heritage and stories of the West Virginia coal fields through interactive museum tours, they reach out to many by promoting educational opportunities to our citizens as well as those beyond our borders.

With the Boy Scout Initiative, they completed a newly-placed amphitheater that will host many performances in the years to come.

In an effort to make history current, they plan to host a new 4-H club. Students have benefited from this program at the company store since the first club was introduced in 1929. It will once again be a place where youth can benefit from community and leadership development opportunities.


For more information, call the Chamber office at 304-465-5617.