The Fayette Tribune, Oak Hill, W.Va.

November 3, 2013

Searching for Bigfoot in Fayette County

TV show crew wants your help

By Cody Neff
Register-Herald Reporter

— The ultimate hunt is on.

Local outdoorsmen might be able to track a wounded deer 200 yards through thick brush. He or she might be able to take down a 300-pound black bear with a bow.

But can they bag the sneakiest prey of all?


He might be in West Virginia. He might be right in Fayette County. He might be entirely made up. The crew who put together the show “Finding Bigfoot” on Animal Planet is looking for the truth and is bringing the hunt right to our backyard.

Researchers for the show say they are heading to Fayette County and looking for eyewitnesses with stories to share with the show’s stars, Moneymaker, Rene, Cliff and Bobo.

Did you see Bigfoot crawling through your neighbor’s window? Did you hear him digging in your trash last night? You can e-mail for more details about how you can share your story on the show.

Just where they might be going to film, much like Bigfoot himself, is a mystery.

“We’re really afraid of hoaxers,” said one of the show’s producers, Stacey Ward. “We don’t list where we’re going to be or the time that we’re going to be in the area because of people wanting to put on an ape suit and walk around.”

Ward says this isn’t the first time the show’s team has been to West Virginia, but this is the first time they’ve set their sights on Fayette County.

But some people think Bigfoot may be looking for us. In a review of “Finding Bigfoot” in The New York Times, writer Neil Genzlinger opts for the theory that increased sightings of Bigfoots (Bigfeets?) all over the country means one thing: They are planning an invasion of our major cities.

“We need to act now, and decisively,” Genzlinger warns, we think with tongue firmly in cheek, but you never really know when Bigfoot is involved. “As with a military campaign, we need to sever their communication and supply route, i.e., the Appalachian Trail. Put up one of those police sawhorse barricades, or perhaps a sternly worded sign: ‘Absolutely no Bigfoots allowed.’”

Let the show begin.

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