The Fayette Tribune, Oak Hill, W.Va.

August 19, 2013

Kessler fills committee positions

CHARLESTON — Senate President Jeff Kessler (D-Marshall) recently announced the replacements to vacant committee chairmanships.

Senator Art Kirkendoll (D-Logan) is now the chairman of the Pensions Committee. “Senator Kirkendoll has an extensive background in government operations,” says Kessler. “Senator Kirkendoll’s service of over 30 years as a Logan County Commissioner and his vast experience in the coal industry lends him the kind of understanding needed for this position.”   Kirkendoll will also serve as chairman of the Joint Standing Committee on Pensions and Retirement.

Senator Ron Miller (D-Greenbrier) is now the chairman of the Select Committee on Minority Issues. “Senator Miller is a valued member of my  leadership team who is capable and hardworking,” says Kessler. “He has  demonstrated his willingness to work with me in any capacity and participate in open and frank discussion to move the state forward and create real opportunities for all West Virginians.”

Senator Mike Green (D-Raleigh) is appointed chairman of Interim Subcommittee B of the Government Organization Committee. “I am confident Senator Green will continue focusing his leadership, energies and attention on developing sound legislation to improve not only Southern West Virginia, but the entire state,” says Kessler.

Senator Greg Tucker (D-Nicholas) is appointed chairman of Interim Subcommittee A of the Health and Human Resources Committee. “Senator Tucker has shown steady leadership and insight into issues that affect  the health of West Virginians.”

Senate  Majority Whip Bill Laird (D-Fayette) is now the vice chairman of the Health and Human Resources Committee. “Senator Laird previously served as vice chairman of this committee as well as president and  CEO of Montgomery General Hospital,” says Kessler. Laird will also serve as the vice chairman of the Legislative Oversight Commission on Health and Human Resources Accountability.

The above chairmanships are effective immediately.