The Fayette Tribune, Oak Hill, W.Va.

June 19, 2013

Wall of Honor will be unveiled Friday

By C.V. Moore
The Register-Herald

FAYETTEVILLE — Who will be part of the Wall of Honor, a new feature to be unveiled June 21 at the Fayette County Courthouse?

Friday’s event will be the second part of Fayette County’s contribution to the state’s 150th birthday celebrations. Last Saturday during the celebrations, officials unveiled the county’s first ever seal and flag. The county’s flag is now waving from the flagpole in front of the courthouse.

Everyone is invited to a lunch and ceremony to reveal the first set of Fayette honorees. The West Virginia Sesquicentennial Committee for Fayette County collected biographies of people who earned recognition for their accomplishments beyond the county’s borders. In addition to the biographies, the people who were selected for this inaugural set of honorees are also represented in framed pictures that will be unveiled inside the courthouse Friday.

These honorees include musicians, athletes, politicians, heroes, teachers, scholars, and spiritual leaders.

As a sneak preview, one honoree started his ministry in Montgomery preaching to 10 people. His voice is now heard around the world by millions of listeners. Can you name him?

Perhaps if you drive the West Virginia Turnpike, you might find a clue to the name of another honoree. One honoree had her picture placed on a postage stamp.

Can you guess the names of any of the 26 honorees, some of whom might be in your own family? Expand your knowledge of Fayette County history Friday and enjoy a free lunch at the same time.

The committee will add names to the Wall of Honor in the future.

County officials will be aided by Congressman Nick Rahall who will help with the unveiling. Lunch will be served at 11:30 a.m. Friday in Fayette County Circuit Judge John Hatcher’s courtroom. The ceremony will follow in the courtroom. Anyone who needs assistance may enter through a ramp near the Fayette County Sheriff’s Department’s office and take an elevator to the courtroom.