The Fayette Tribune, Oak Hill, W.Va.

May 15, 2013

Commission works on getting facility up and running


By C.V. Moore
The Register-Herald

OAK HILL — Now that the new downtown amphitheater is up, the City of Oak Hill is taking steps to get it running.

At a council meeting on Monday night, members considered and eventually passed a rental contract for those who want to make use of the facility.

The policy, modeled on one used by the City of Clarksburg, establishes different rates for non-profits ($50 per hour for a 4-hour minimum) and for-profits ($100 per hour for a 4-hour minimum).

Organizers of “sponsored events” like community bands, school concerts, or the Oak Leaf Festival will not be charged a usage fee. The city’s Amphitheater Commission will determine whether an event is “sponsored” or not.

City manager Bill Hannabass says the $400 for-profit minimum charge could produce some “sticker shock.”

“But when you add in the administrative time, cleaning up after the event, and all the factors involved, it’s not a bad deal,” he said.

A $100 security deposit will be charged, but could be waived by the commission if it so chooses.

Event organizers can request extra security from city police on a $50 per officer basis. The Amphitheater Commission may also require the security.

Applications must be submitted within 60 days of the use.

Council discussed what would be included in the $400 rental fee, especially as it relates to peripheral vendors. Authority was given to the Amphitheater Commission to establish rates for vendors.

Bids for a lighting system for the town’s new Amphitheater were reviewed. Hannabass prefaced the bid announcements by saying that it’s a design and build project, and so the bids would probably vary greatly. The bids ranged in price from $12,953 to $20,976.

The council referred the matter to the Amphitheater Commission, which will study the bids and make a recommendation to council about how to proceed.

A sound system was also put out to bid, attracting proposals ranging from $6,980 to $28,500. The commission is looking for a basic system for one person talking or singing, not a complete set-up for bands, said a representative from the commission who attended the council meeting.

Fundraising for these systems is in the works.

Council received preliminary information about building a restroom facility and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)-compliant ramp to serve the City Park and White Oak Rail Trail.

Hannabass showed pictures of toilet designs from a variety of angles. Council discussed how to best avoid vandalism on such a facility. It would be located along the White Oak Rail Trail on Park Drive/Bibb Street, where a storage facility currently sits.

A wheelchair ramp in the same area would ease access from City Park to the trail.

“They definitely are needed,” said council member Tom Oxley.

A $46,750 paving bid from SMH Construction to resurface a concrete area in front of the fire department was rejected for being over budget. It will be re-advertised.

Council tabled two appointments to the Beautification Commission and a request for contribution by the Mountain Transit Authority.

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