The Fayette Tribune, Oak Hill, W.Va.

October 10, 2012

Ansted woman to share her cancer story

By Steve Keenan
The Fayette Tribune

ANSTED — Jackie Eades wants to share with others the story of her battle with breast cancer.

Eades, 43, will speak during a 6 p.m. program this Saturday, Oct. 13 at Ansted Baptist Church.

“I’m telling my story about DNA and also my story about getting through breast cancer,” says Eades. who underwent a 12-hour surgery at the University of Virginia Hospital in Charlottesville last year. Surgeons removed both of her breasts and performed a tram flap procedure, in which they used stomach muscles and some body fat to rebuild her breasts.

“It’s been successful so far,” she said earlier this week. “I feel a lot better.

“It (her treatment) was something I’d do again. The end result was great.”

Because of a family history with the BRCA gene, Eades — who suffered through ductal carcinoma in her breast’s milk glands while in her 30s — underwent DNA testing which allowed the full-blown breast cancer to be detected early.

“I was DNA-tested,” said Eades. “I went for regular visits; that’s how they caught the cancer, by doing those screenings.

“It was an aggressive cancer. If I’d done once-a-year (checkups), they wouldn’t have caught it.”

Refreshments will follow the presentation. Men and women alike from the area are invited to attend.

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