The Fayette Tribune, Oak Hill, W.Va.

September 5, 2013

Prospective Fayette County petit jurors to report on Sept. 9

— The clerk of the Fayette County Circuit Court, Danny Wright, has released the names of individuals drawn for petit juryt duty for Fayette County during the next term of court.

The following prospective jurors are to report to Judge John Hatcher’s courtroom, located on the second floor of the main Courthouse, on Sept. 9, no later than 8:45 a.m.

Arnold Walter Adkins, Fayetteville; David Ray Adkins, Fayetteville; Phyllis Ann Akers, Fayetteville; Matthew Ryan Arden, Charlton Heights; Shawn Brian Armstrong, Oak Hill; Christopher S. Barney, Ansted; Jennifer D. Barrett, Oak Hill; William George Bean, Hico; Elmer C. Bennett Jr., Fayetteville; Roger Dale Berry, Minden; Lawrence M. Beverley, Mount Hope; Jesse J. Bibb Jr., Oak Hill; Phillip J. Blankenship, Oak Hill; Lesley D. Boggs, Oak Hill; Hobart Evans Brewer, Smithers

Margaret M. Brown, Lookout; Roger Dale Brown, Lookout; Michael Browning, Mount Hope; Sara Ann Brubaker, Fayetteville; Eric Alan Bumgarner, Victor; Carlos D. Burdette, Danese; Gloria J. Burdette, Fayetteville; April Dawn Burk, Hilltop; Shirldenia M. Burrow, Kimberly; Mildred A. Burs, Deepwater; Cecil Boise Byers Jr., Oak Hill; Sabrena Lou Cales, Meadow Bridge; Jennifer M. Callison, Powellton; Kay F. Calloway, Mount Hope; Sancerria F. Carroll, Fayetteville

Jerry G. Carter, Scarbro; Jessie Lawrence Case, Fayetteville; Deangelo De Sean Castro, Oak Hill; Ray C. Clay, Meadow Bridge; Eric K. Clemens, Oak Hill; Catherine M. Coleman, Fayetteville; Christy Marie Combs, Bradley; Steven A. Conley, Fayetteville; Michael Thomas Critchley, Danese; Mark A. Crossley, Scarbro; Roger D. Crowe, Danese; James M. Curry, Oak Hill; Tanya Marie Dabler, Fayetteville; Terrance Leo Damron, Oak Hill; Donna R. Daniels, Meadow Bridge

Robert B. Davies, Fayetteville; Stephanie C. Davis, Oak Hill; Christopher Shaun Deal, Oak Hill; Heidi Elizabeth Dolin, Fayetteville; Louella Mae Dotson, Danese; David Scott Doyle Jr., Fayetteville; John Thomas Edelman Jr., Kimberly; Paul Calvin Elliott, Oak Hill; George G. Ellison, Mount Hope; Joseph Dale Ellison, Fayetteville; Tonya M. Ennis, Meadow Bridge; Charlotte Kay Evans, Ansted; Rebecca Ann Evans, Scarbro; Aaron H. Ewing, Mount Hope; Jerry Donald Farley, Minden

Brittany Nichole Farrell, Oak Hill; Dixie P. Fitzwater, Smithers; Jackie Ray Fitzwater, Ansted; Kathy Lynn Flint, Ansted; Theda O. Fox, Layland; James William Gardner, Mount Hope; Tiffany L. Garrison, Oak Hill; Melissa L. Gerold, Oak Hill; Alice Gillespie, Winona; Anna Muriel Griffin, Montgomery; Robert C. Grimmett, Ansted; Robert L. Hardy, Smithers; Robert Paul Harper, Mount Hope; April Dawn Hatfield, Meadow Bridge

Carla R. Hawver, Ansted; Kelley Jean Haywood, Hilltop; Cynthia Gail Hedrick, Lochgelly; Kathleen R. Hesse, Fayetteville; Cynthia A. Hill, Fayetteville; Helen Hill, Lochgelly; Sharon T. Holmes, Fayetteville; Angela Maria Houck, Mount Hope; Kelly Anne Hough, Fayetteville; Christy Gayle Hudnall, Gauley Bridge; Sharon L. Hudson, Fayetteville; Phillip Glen Humphrey, Mount Hope; Roger Dean Humphrey, Oak Hill; William Jay Humphrey, Oak Hill; Phyllis Jean James, Oak Hill

Van B. James, Montgomery; Traci Marie Jarvis, Lookout; Denver D. Johnson, Mount Hope; Hubert Lee Johnson, Oak Hill; Tamara I. Johnson, Fayetteville; Tracy Neil Joines, Fayetteville; John Lee Jones, Oak Hill; Angela Lea Keffer, Oak Hill; Nancy Ann Keil, Oak Hill; Rachel Hamilton Kelly, Oak Hill; Dustyn W. Kessler, Ansted; Hassan S. Khaalid, Mount Hope; Crystal Ann Kincaid, Meadow Bridge; Brian Ray King, Oak Hill; Dolly Janet Lambert, Mount Hope

Elizabeth L. Lanham, Oak Hill; Chuan H. Lee, Oak Hill; Robert Lee Legg, Victor; Frank Lorea, Boomer; Michael Smith Lowe, Gauley Bridge; Joseph Willard Lowery, Oak Hill; Michael Shane Lucas, Victor; Marlon Esguerra Maminta, Oak Hill; Mary Carol Manning,