The Fayette Tribune, Oak Hill, W.Va.

November 12, 2012

Hit the ground running

Elected leaders must work together to solve problems

— For the past several weeks, our citizens have been inundated with political  pundits, along with politicians’ posturing and pungent pomposity.

Overrun by Republican rhetoric.

Deluged with Democratic diatribes.

But it’s now time for the nonsense to stop.

Our communities, our state and our nation need more than lip service.

We don’t need any more eloquent speeches.

We certainly don’t need the railings and rantings of the disenfranchised.

Instead, we need action, progress from our elected officials.

And we need partisanship to cease.

We need our elected officials to put their personal vendettas aside and work together to establish a foundation for our future, truly, going forward.

It doesn’t matter who sits in the Oval Office, if Congress is unwilling to attempt to get the necessary work done.

It’s the responsibility of both the House and Senate to compromise and work with the president to move the nation forward.

The voters have spoken. Our country is sharply divided. It’s both red and blue.

Voters want to see the bickering stop.

West Virginia has been a mostly Democratic-registered state, historically. It’s about 2-to-1 in fact.

But it’s becoming clear that our citizens want to see an effective two-party, or three-party system at work.

Now more than ever, it doesn’t matter if there’s an R or D beside your name when campaigning. You better be addressing issues that are important to the voters.

There are a lot of challenges ahead, nationally and statewide.

In West Virginia, we need to look for ways to diversify our economy. Coal is on the downturn and its future is questionable based on national policies and coupled with low natural gas prices.

West Virginians have to adapt.

The saying “where the rubber meets the road” is quite appropriate.

It’s now.

There’s no time to waste either. We must hit the ground running.

From this day forward.