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January 14, 2013

Martin ‘somewhat troubled’ by rumors of possible delay in water extension

By C.V. Moore
Register-Herald Reporter

MOUNT HOPE — Mayor Michael Martin is “somewhat troubled” by the possibility that a water line extension from the town to the Summit Bechtel Reserve could be delayed.

So far the contractor, Chojnacki Construction Inc., has not asked for a deadline extension in the form of a change order to the construction contract, but it’s rumored the project is behind schedule.

Along with West Virginia American Water, the City of Mount Hope is selling water to the Boy Scout development. If the water line project is late, the town stands to lose out on some profits from the deal.

“In that case, we’re not selling water and someone else is,” Martin reminded fellow city council members at last Tuesday evening’s meeting.

“It ends up being pretty important to the City of Mount Hope that this project be completed as close to the completion date as possible.”

The original date set for completion is Feb. 15 and Zane Summerfield of Pentree Engineering reports 894 feet of pipe remains to be laid before then.

He said that Pentree, the project engineer, has “not let off any pressure for them to have it finished on time.”

Virgil Kincaid of the City of Mount Hope reports a two-man crew from Chojnacki is working at the site. He says the contractor shifted some of its labor to another job and cut back at the Mount Hope project.

Council member Ernie Wickline said he hopes that when council members get a tour of the Summit site, “there will be a good cold drink of Mount Hope water up there waiting for us.”


An electronic version of Mount Hope’s comprehensive plan was to be ready last week, according to Mayor Martin. It is available on the city’s newly-updated web site,

A printed version will be available at various spots in town for community members to read.

“This is Mount Hope’s document. I would hope we’d get citizens reading and weighing in on it. Let us know what you think — where things need to be added or subtracted,” says Martin.

The document must be recommended to council by the Mount Hope Planning Commission and then adopted by council vote before it is official.

Mount Hope Police Chief Tom Peal reports that December was a busy month for his force.

He also says he and another officer visited every classroom at Mount Hope Elementary and “deputized” each child as a member of Mount Hope Police Department.

The activity created a lot of positive reaction from the community, according to Peal.

Jessica Zukowski, a VISTA in Mount Hope, introduced herself to the city council. She is working on a Family Friendly Communities Project through December.

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