The Fayette Tribune, Oak Hill, W.Va.

January 17, 2013

Fox, Atkins take top trophies in Fayette County spelling bee

By Steve Keenan
Staff Writer

OAK HILL — Valley-area schools walked away with the two top prizes at last Thursday’s Fayette County Spelling Bee.

Mike Fox, a fifth-grade student at Valley Elementary School, captured the overall bee, and Colby Atkins, a fourth-grader at Gauley Bridge Elementary, took the honors in the elementary bee.

Fox, the son of Rodney and Michelle Fox of Mount Carbon, placed third in the elementary bee a year ago.

He said he experienced many emotions when he correctly spelled ‘mentor’ than followed that with ‘quiver’ to capture the bee at Oak Hill High School. He was “nervous, excited and happy — all three,” he said.

Fox says he likes “learning,” with a particular emphasis on an interest in anything in the aeronautics and space field.

While celebrating his bee win, he said he had to remember to complete one particularly important task. “I need to call my grandparents.”

Fox will advance to the regional bee in Charleston in March.

The runner-up was Ansted Middle’s Carson Cochran, while Collins Middle’s Tate Mauzy claimed third-place honors.

Atkins, the son of Jim and Lori Atkins of Charlton Heights, correctly spelled ‘horrible’ and ‘laundry’ to earn the elementary trophy.

Second place went to New River Elementary’s Bradley Lokant, and third place went to Mason Young, also of New River.

Following is a list of bee participants:

2013 Fayette County Spelling Bee

Ansted Elementary — Jay Parker and Chloe Willis; Alexis Webb, alternate; and Amy Bragg, sponsor;

Ansted Middle — Carson Cochran and Trevor Hawkins; Brandon Lively, alternate; and Megan Motz Elswick, sponsor;

Collins Middle — Tate Mauzy and Elijah Counts; Isaiah Turner, alternate; and Angela Holutiak, sponsor;

Danese Christian — Joshua Richmond and Taylor White; Abi Gwinn, alternate; and Pamela Pack, sponsor;

Divide Elementary — Taylor Harrell and Kallie Carte; and Steve Rhodes, sponsor;

Fayetteville High — Chris Lechalk and Kaylee Newton; Trevor Pullens, alternate; and Kevin Doherty, sponsor;

Gauley Bridge Elementary — Katlyn Harkless and Caleb Crisp; Ethan Hahn, alternate; and Amy Nutter, sponsor;

Meadow Bridge Elementary — Courtney Kincaid and Ethan Brown; Chasity Turner, alternate; and Sue Miller, sponsor;

Meadow Bridge High School — Megan Roach and Savannah Mullins; MaKayla Church, alternate; and Jessy Miller, sponsor;

Mountain View Christian — Taylor Asbury and Ian Bibb; Steven Sparks, alternate; and Brenda Allen, sponsor;

Mount Hope Elementary — Sierra Underwood and Kaylee Jones; and Linda Nevi, sponsor;

SS Peter & Paul — Victoria Mackowiak and Skylar Martin; Larkin Long-Cook, alternate; and Debbie DeViese, sponsor;

Valley Elementary — Mike Fox and Brandon Oiler; Noah Dunlap, alternate; and Ashley Anderson, sponsor; and

Valley High — Malik Banks and Nia Wallace; Spencer Dean, alternate; and Melissa Adkins, sponsor.

2013 Elementary Spelling Bee

Ansted Elementary — Cy Persinger and Griffen Nickell; Trevor Maichle, alternate; and Amy Bragg, sponsor;

Divide Elementary — Sara Bess and Alexandria Ellison; Steve Rhodes, sponsor;

Fayetteville Elementary — Jillian McDowell and Jenna Wetherford; Joel Banks, alternate; and Jessica Moneypenny, sponsor;

Gatewood Elementary — Jazmine Floyd and Amelia Corner; Gracia Keen, alternate; and Cindy Hall, sponsor;

Gauley Bridge Elementary — Colby Atkins and Vinny Cavalier; Dakota Barber, alternate; and Chastity Smith, sponsor;

Meadow Bridge Elementary — Jenna Gladwell and Kristen Hollar; Haley King, alternate; and Sue Miller, sponsor;

Mount Hope Elementary — Savannah Hughes and Chloe McCrone; and Linda Nevi, sponsor;

Mountain View — Kenedy Anderson and Makayla Chambers; Shannon Farrow, alternate; and Brenda Allen, sponsor;

New River Elementary — Bradley Lokant and Mason Young; Carlie Smith, alternate; and Shannon McKnight, sponsor;

Rosedale Elementary — Cayden Cox and Toby Giles; Emily Surface, alternate; and Kara Shuemake, sponsor;

SS Peter & Paul — Alina Mackowiak and Mia Pino; Will Swan, alternate; and Debbie DeViese, sponsor; and

Valley Elementary — Dustyn Stover and Bethany Starsick; Alexia Walker, alternate; and Ashley Anderson, sponsor.