Police in Fayette County are raising funds for their annual Shop-With-A-Cop event to help needy children in the area. The event is slated for Dec. 19.

The Shop-With-A-Cop program and the fundraiser benefit more than 100 needy children each year in Fayette County. In cooperation with Wal-Mart and members of Fayette County FOP Memorial Lodge 118, police will treat children to a pizza party and a shopping trip. 

“It’s gratifying to see the look on a young child’s face who might otherwise not have a Christmas,” Cpl. James Pack said.

Lodge 118 is conducting a direct mail solicitation to raise money for the program. Lodge members did away with the use of telemarketing companies several years ago and now rely on the public’s response.

“I think people get tired of constantly receiving telephone calls from telemarketers,” Sgt. Jim McCoy said. “Our citizens have responded in a positive manner, and we have actually been able to raise more money each year through this direct mail campaign than we were previously able to raise through telephone solicitation.”

Members of Lodge 118 are encouraging citizens to donate as much as possible.

“With the economy in the shape it’s in, nearly everyone is experiencing tough times,” Pack said. “Despite these tough times, most of us are able to make ends meet.”

Donations may be mailed to the Fraternal Order of Police at PO Box 352, Oak Hill, WV 25901. People may also drop off contribution at the Fayette County sheriff’s office, the Oak Hill Police Department or the Fayetteville Police Department.

Anyone knowing of a needy child in Fayette County who is under the age of 12 and who would benefit from the program should contact the FOP at 304-640-4680. The child’s name, age and contact information will need to be provided.

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