United soul miners? Who are they? They are Christians who work together to get it done for the Lord.

Have you heard of “fusion?” Fusion is a way to allow God to flow through His people like He did in the Bible. In the days of the New Testament, people in churches worked together and the churches supported each other.

Can Christians of different churches living in the same community work together to bring God the honor and glory? Fusion is the method law enforcement has utilized to put a stop to terrorism before it gets started. Each agency pulls together and pools together all its resources from those who will work together to help those who report there is a hint of suspicious activity. Suspects are caught before they are able to enact their evil plans. These agencies are able to effectively take care of problems before they can become insurmountable.

Churches and communities need prayer, help, support, and encouragement. In the modern church we are quick to minister and send missionaries to far away lands before we are willing to help our neighborhoods, community churches, or our fellow Christians. Consequently the battle is being lost when it comes to our own communities.

Since our churches are ineffective locally, they are limited to the resources that are available. The circle of loss can be interrupted if we are willing to change our focus and join together to show the unity of the body of Christ. This is the fusion the law enforcement agencies didn’t have before 9/11, but now they have been able to join together and share their resources. Can Christians do this?

What about the united soul miners? My grandpa, Herbert Helsel George, operated a punch mine in Nicholas County. Four men comprised the entire crew for a day’s work. Each man had a job and when each one worked together they could hand load 40 tons of coal before 2 p.m. They had to work together to accomplish such a task. We all remember how the miners got together to form a union of workers who could accomplish more than they could alone.

Can churches and Christians do the same thing? I have lived in four communities where I have been pastor and there are some ministerial associations already in existence. I am not advocating getting rid of these, but we need to enhance these, build on these, and create new unions, if necessary, right in our own community to effectively minister.

Here is a seven-step plan to begin the fusion of believers.

First, pastors and churches must join together in prayer and worship. Community prayer meetings and worship services can be started or increased. Can we love one another and the Lord at the same time?

Second, ask God for a vision and a direction to win your community for Christ. What are the spiritual needs of the community? What can the united soul miners do together? Wait for the vision, but then get with it.  

Third, share the vision for a unity of believers in the community and sing God’s praise to the highest hill.  Preach it.

Fourth, be willing to work together and to sacrifice your own wants for the needs of the whole. Is it better to give than receive? The first will be last. Consider the others in your community. This is God’s plan for success.

Fifth, go with the goers and watch God begin to work in your community through the strength of those who will worship, work, and serve God and the community.

Sixth, what can one church do to help another? What can one Christian say to encourage and support another? Then do it! To whom much is given then much will be required.

Seventh, wait. Don’t quit or give up. God is at work on His time. I have always heard that wait is what broke the wagon down. In the coal mines “wait” was a dirty word and one word that could get you fired. But we must wait.

Do you see and feel the need? Do we care about those who are dying without Christ? We must see God’s vision to fulfill it. We must get busy working together with fellow soul miners. Finally, we must wait on the Lord. Wait and rest in Him and His promises. Leave the rest up to Him.

Check out the united soul miners on www.christianmountain.org.

(George is pastor of Fayetteville Baptist Church.)

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