OAK HILL — The Collins Middle boys and the PikeView Middle girls were victorious in last week’s Frank James Middle School Memorial track and field meet at John P. Duda Stadium.

Following are results:


Team scores: PikeView 144, Collins 86, Mount View 64, Fayetteville 63, Meadow Bridge 58, Western Greenbrier 55, Cross Lanes 18, Valley 16, Mount Hope 10, Logan 2, Mount View ‘B’ 1

Individual results

Long jump: S. Halstenberg (F), 13-5; M. Lawson (C), B. Stafford (PV), C. East (PV), S. Jarrell (MV), A. Koch (C)

Discus: H. Jackson (MV), 72-9; C. Molchanoff (C), A. Gilkerson (MB), J. Johnson (PV), C. Redden (MB), A. Lively (WG)

3200M: Koch (C),14:40.4; Edwards (PV), Payne (WG)

400M: Presley (PV), 1:14.76; Walker (CL), Thornton (PV), Hellems (WG), Simms (V), Ward (MV)

4X800M: Pike View, 12:12.26; Collins, Meadow Bridge, Western Greenbrier

100M: Lawson (C), 14.11; Farley (PV), Walker (CL), Perrine (MV), Martin (C), Hellems (WG)

Shot put: Johnson (PV), 30-6; Simms (V), Cole (MV), Gilkerson (MB), Hicks (WG), Redden (MB)

High jump: Elkins (F), 4-7; Osborne (WG), Harler (MH), Simms (V), Carey (WG), Hellems (WG)

75M hurdles: S. Halstenberg (F), 13.44; S. Elkins (F), Perrine (MV), Rasnic (PV), Church (MB), Stafford (PV)

4X200M: Collins, 2:09.25; PikeView, Mount View, Western Greenbrier, Meadow Bridge, Mount View ‘B’

1600M: Belcher (C), 6:40; Jarrell (MV), Edwards (PV), Hill (PV), East (PV), Payne (WG)

4X100M: Meadow Bridge, 1:02.31; Western Greenbrier, Mount View, Mount Hope, Collins, PikeView

800M: Farley (PV), 2:53.6; Shrewsbury (PV), Lego (MB), Jarrell (MV), Selbe (C), Wolfe (C)

200M: Lawson (C), 28.61; Farley (PV), Hellems (WG), C. Walker (CL), Simms (V), A. Thomas (MV)

200M hurdles: Farley (PV), 32.95; Halstenberg (F), Elkins (F), Callison (MB), Lanham (C), Harkins (MB)

4X400M: Meadow Bridge, 5:15.32; PikeView, Western Greenbrier, Mount View, Logan, Fayetteville

Shuttle hurdles: Fayetteville, 47.82; PikeView, Mount View, Meadow Bridge, Collins, Western Greenbrier


Team scores: Collins 132, PikeView 117, Western Greenbrier 108, Fayetteville 52, Meadow Bridge 48, Logan 28, Mount View 27, Mount Hope 17, Western Greenbrier ‘B’ 2, Cross Lanes 2, Meadow Bridge ‘B’ 1, Collins ‘B’ 1

Individual results

Long jump: A. Wilder (F), 16-10; M. Campbell (F), Wagner (MV), Swafford (C), Thompson (CL), Criss (MH)

Discus: B. Woods (PV), 85-10; M. Johnson (WG), D. Dempsey (MV), tie-Reeves (WG) and Smith (C), D. Pennington (PV)

3200M Run: Farmer (PV), 12:24.76; Hill (PV), Warshaw (C), J. Walkup (WG), Gray (C), Alderson (WG)

400M Dash: Swafford (C), 1:00.11; Wilder (F), Browning (L), Porras (PV), Sipple (L), Lawson (PV)

4X800M Relay: PikeView, 10:44; Western Greenbrier, Logan, Collins, Meadow Bridge, Collins ‘B’

100M Dash: Myles (C), 12.52; Trout (WG), Wilder (F), Browning (L), Gwinn (MB), Wagner (MV)

Shot Put: C. Martin (MB), 34-2; M. Johnson (WG), D.J. Mullins (MH), A. Spade (WG), M. Myles (C), M. Smith (C)

High Jump: Humphrey (C), 5-4; Simms (PV), Trout (WG), Farmer (PV), Criss (MH), Hernandez (F)

65M High Hurdles: Humphrey (C), 11.25; Leef (WG), Phillips (WG), Hansen (WG), C. White (MB)

4X200M Relay: Meadow Bridge, 1:55.35; Collins, Logan, PikeView, Western Greenbrier, Fayetteville

1600 Run: Farmer (PV), 5:37.35; Webb (PV), Bugby (WG), Walkup (WG), Stowers (C), Warshaw (C)

4X100 Relay: Meadow Bridge, 54.05; Fayetteville, Collins, Mount View, Logan, Mount Hope

800M Run: Farmer (PV), 2:27.42; Swafford (C), Webb (PV), Stowers (C), Harrison (L), Jarrell (MV)

200M Dash: M. Myles (C), 26.48; A. Wilder (F), A. Humphrey (C), T. Simms (PV), C. Toney (MB), Wagner (MV)

200M Hurdles: Trout (WG), 30.25; Jarrell (MV), Elam (C), Leef (WG), Whitt (MH), Muckleroy (C)

4X400 Relay: PikeView, 4:32; Collins, Western Greenbrier, Meadow Bridge, Western Greenbrier ‘B’

Shuttle Hurdles: Collins, 44.96; Western Greenbrier, Meadow Bridge, PikeView, Fayetteville, Meadow Bridge ‘B’

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