Different name. Same heart-pounding excitement.

The New River Gorge Challenge Weekend is slated for Aug. 4 and 5.

What started out as a project of the ARC planning process has become a weekend event and will be sponsored by Hometown Subaru.

“The triathlon that has been known as Captain Thurmond’s Challenge will this year change to the New River Gorge Challenge,” said Adam Stephens. “What will not change is the rugged 28 miles participants will encounter, which will consist of a 15-mile mountain bike, 7-mile paddle and 6.5-mile run in the New River Gorge.”

The race can be contested individually or in teams.

The New River Gorge Challenge, which begins in Fayetteville, is slated for Saturday, Aug. 4. More information can be found at newrivergorgechallenge.com.

The second day of the weekend will consist of the Thurmond Triathlon, a beginner-friendly race which consists of a 2-mile bike, 1.5-mile paddle and 2-mile run that will be held in Thurmond.

“The Thurmond Triathlon is the perfect race for family fun,” says Missy Dragan.

Anyone pre-registering will be provided a ducky by ACE Adventure Resort to use for the 1.5-mile paddle on the mild section of the New River. Registration forms can be obtained by emailing thurmondwv@gmail.com or stopping by the New River Gorge Convention & Visitor Bureau on Oyler Avenue.

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