The Fayette Tribune, Oak Hill, W.Va.


August 28, 2013

Squirrel seasons approach

The 2013 West Virginia hunting seasons begin soon, and the popular squirrel hunting season begins in less than a month. The statewide squirrel season will open on Saturday, Sept. 14, following the one-day youth squirrel season on Sept. 7.

The Sept. 7 youth-only day provides hunters with an excellent opportunity to assist youngsters in developing basic hunting skills and ethics. Hunters should expect to see slightly higher squirrel numbers this year as compared to last year, based on the spotty but above-average hard mast crop that occurred in 2012. Last year’s mast crop should have served to increase this year’s squirrel survival and productivity.

Youth hunters under the age of 15 must be accompanied by a licensed adult. During the youth squirrel season, the accompanying adult cannot carry a gun or a bow and must remain near enough to the youth to render advice and assistance. In addition, youth hunters age 15 to 17 must comply with all licensing requirements.

All other licensing requirements will remain in effect, and hunters should check the 2013-2014 West Virginia hunting and trapping regulations summary <> for additional information.

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