The Fayette Tribune, Oak Hill, W.Va.

August 5, 2013

Resort teams with regional TV series to improve W.Va. outdoor experience

— In an effort to promote fishing, hunting and traditional outdoor sports in West Virginia, extreme-adventure venue ACE Adventure Resort has teamed up with up-and-coming outdoor-sports broadcast Appalachian Trophy TV.

Officials at ACE and the series producer say the collaboration should help integrate what has long been perceived as two distinct markets.

“We think the two markets could benefit each other if perceived as part of a whole West Virginia outdoor-recreation experience,” said Beth Gill, director of marketing for the resort.

“There’s a good deal of audience overlap. Fishing, hunting, rafting, kayaking, ATV touring — though an enthusiast might not tackle each of these sports in one outing, the rafter and the angler, the kayaker and the bow-hunter are often the same person.”

Gill will work with series producer Jeremy Allen, providing the services and locations the cast and crew need to produce rafting, zip-lining and other sports offered in the New River Gorge by ACE.

Allen, whose career in outdoor videography was realized at age 11, when his parents bought him his first hand-held video camera, said he looks forward to turning hunters and anglers nationwide on to the West Virginia outdoor-recreation market.

“We’ll be shooting a lot of footage of smallmouth bass fishing with ACE on the New River over the next few months,” Allen said.

“But I’m also looking forward to promoting their zip-line tours and the many other forms of recreation they offer.”

Appalachian Trophy TV had been featured regionally in mideast U.S. markets but in July was picked up by Dish Network and is being broadcast to an audience of 14 million viewers through Hunt Channel TV.

Though often termed an “extreme-adventure” resort, Gill said ACE is far more family-oriented and hopes the series will help underscore the variety of activities available at ACE.