The Kokoski Sisters, from left, Donna Bowling, Betty Bragg and Maggie Watkins, look forward to reading the Reunion Log each year. Betty graduated in 1964, Maggie in 1968, and Donna “Susie” in 1979. Each of them taught in Fayette County. All of their children are also Oak Hill graduates, and Betty’s daughter, Tammy, currently teaches at Oak Hill High.

Each year, the Oak Hill High/Collins High Alumni Association publishes The Reunion Log, a tabloid-sized newspaper that features stories about past graduates as well as functions of the Association. This year’s edition will be sold at The Lewis House on Main Street and at the Alumni House on 103 Kelly Avenue on Friday, Aug. 30.

Copies will also be available during the parade on Saturday.

Cost of the publication is $5; copies can be mailed for $7.

To order The Reunion Log by mail, send a check for $7 to the OHHS Alumni Association, Box 462, Oak Hill, WV 25901.

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