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Technology has given us access to multiple outlets for entertainment, and subscription services are available for all types of movies, series, and original content. Club and gym memberships as well as food and grocery delivery services offer monthly payment options as well. These options provide access and convenience to our busy lives.

I would like to ask you to consider making United Way of Southern West Virginia one of your automatic deductions. If you’re reading this article, you likely live within our service area and may know someone who has been supported by the services of our partner agencies or one of our direct services.

From our website at unitedwayswv.org, the Donate Now link offers the option to make your contribution a monthly donation. For those who are not comfortable with automatic deductions, a pledge can be made to United Way and you will be billed for the amount you choose to contribute.

...Children between the ages of 4 and 8 outgrow their shoes every six months. That would be children from pre-K to third grade.

United Way of Southern West Virginia receives calls and delivers shoes to counselors at local schools on a weekly basis. A $15 monthly donation would provide 12 pairs of shoes to local children within a year.

A $15 donation can supply over 20 cans of vegetables to a food pantry, or three boxes of baby wipes to a baby pantry.

The combined dollars of monthly donations can provide delivered meals to seniors, utility assistance to a family in danger of losing water or power, advocacy for children who have been abused, emergency shelter, crisis counseling, health education, literacy programming, and many other vital services to our residents of southern West Virginia.

The contribution of one donor is multiplied when given to United Way. By pooling local resources, United Way can make a greater impact as a collaborative effort. Donors can know that any partner agency that receives support has been scrutinized during an application process, interviewed by our board members, and approved by our board of directors. Any agency that we choose to partner with must meet the criteria of providing services in our service area and within our mission of advancing the common good by improving health, education, and financial stability.

It is often said the United Way identifies the need in our service area and partners with others to address that need. By identifying need, we mean that we seek out the problems that affect our community. We seek out the issues that are difficult to talk about, that are hard to witness, the issues that make many look away. Food insecurity, childhood trauma, emergency housing, crisis shelters, substance abuse disorders, and other challenges are addressed by our partners with the support of our community.

Please consider living, giving, and leading UNITED with a monthly or one-time donation to unitedwayswv.org, PO Box 5456, Beckley, WV 25801, or by calling our office at 304-253-2111.

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