Mountaineer visit

Trevor Kiess, the 65th WVU Mountaineer mascot, is pictured with Ted Dixon, principal of Rosedale Elementary School, during a visit to the school this semester.

Trevor Kiess, the 65th WVU Mountaineer mascot, visited Rosedale Elementary School this semester as part of the school's “transition activities” for the students who attend schools that will be closing at the end of this school year and will be merging to a new campus.

Kiess spent time visiting each classroom and conducting “meet and greet” sessions with students in a small group setting. He discussed key elements that prepare students for success.

Following lunch, the entire school gathered together for an authentic WVU pep assembly. The Mountaineer spoke to the whole group on transition and what it means to them. He personally connected with the student body by sharing that he attended a small elementary school similar to Rosedale and then transitioned to a larger middle school and once more to Elkins High School from which he graduated.

His ultimate transition was when he enrolled at WVU with approximately 22,000 other students who came from all over the United States as well as from international countries, too.

He mentioned that these experiences have made him come to understand transition and how personal character is important when faced with new challenges but with new opportunities too. He concluded the pep assembly with the traditional “Let’s Go Mountaineers” group cheering complete with blue and gold pom poms (compliments of Ben Franklin in Fayetteville) for each individual student to keep.

The entire assembly joined in singing a WVU favorite, “Country Roads,” before Kiess gave a final farewell and headed back to Morgantown for another school assembly.

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