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New River Intermediate's student body recently held its Student Council election. Fifth graders Brooklyn Davis was elected student council president and Mallory Combs was elected vice president.

New River Intermediate School (grades 3-5) has announced the results of the 2021 Student Council election.

Brooklyn Davis was elected student council president and Mallory Combs was elected vice president. Both of the fifth-grade girls gave speeches and were formally inducted into their positions in a virtual ceremony held on Friday, Oct. 8 at the school.

Some of the work that the newly elected president and vice president plan to address include efforts to increase the amount of student voice and choice and beautifying our school and community. “Most of the time, the adults are always the leaders, but this year it’s actually the students who are able to be the leaders,” said Mallory Combs. Brooklyn Davis agreed and shared that “sometimes adults don’t think kids are leaders — they just think of them as kids that can’t do much, but when you are thinking about things like this, kids can be really powerful.”

All fifth-grade students had the opportunity to run for student council. After a few weeks of campaigning, a speech was heard from each of the final candidates before the entire student body voted.

Following the election, each classroom was then able to nominate one senator who will also serve as part of student council. These students are responsible for voicing their classmates’ opinions, ideas and problems to solve at meetings. These senators are also responsible for reporting back to their class after each meeting.

Heather Pack, school counselor, and Britni Wolfe, fifth-grade teacher, collaborated to sponsor the students during and after their campaigns.

Student Council brings together elected student leaders and staff who have a common goal of making improvements at the school.

By involving all grades in the election, students will better understand what is happening on Election Day, Nov. 2.

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