Sharon Burns hosted a Mary Kay fundraiser to benefit Omega Chapter projects.

Omega Chapter of The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International, a society for key women educators, met March 23 at the home of Ann Blankenship in Fayetteville.

President Donna Smith called the meeting to order followed by The Pledge of Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. After members recited the Collect, Sharon Burns led members in singing “The Delta Kappa Song.”

Using a 2007 Bev Davis article, Donna Smith gave the invocation with the messages that there are no bad days — only difficult days, and that God has to have our availability for us to move toward the needs of others. The invocation was closed with a prayer.

In the absence of recording secretary Sarah Case, Helen Case took the minutes. Among committee reports included the treasurer’s report by Ann Blankenship, correspondence read by Bessie Thomas for Vicki Bickford, a request from Christy Gill for submissions for the Newsette, an invitation for opinions for the scrapbook cover, a showing of the December meeting article by Marsha Cook, and Linda Cole’s report on various April events (“Cuddle and Read,” Dolly Parton Library Pre-K enrollment, and Book Selection Day for pre-ordering). A sign-up event folder for volunteers was passed among members. Kathy Coleman explained current expenses for the flannel needed for making blankets for the “Snuggle and Read” program.

Prior to the business meeting, Sharon Burns gave a hands-on demonstration of hand, face, and lip care Mary Kay products. She forfeited her profits to Omega Chapter to fund various reading projects.

In keeping with this biennium’s theme of Stepping Out, President Smith feels that members will be making a difference with the skin care fundraiser that will help to support the projects in the community.

As a win-win, Smith also announced that the basket required for the April 26-28 Alpha Phi State Convention will contain Mary Kay products this year. Before the meeting was adjourned, Smith led a brainstorming session regarding Omega co-hosting the Alpha Phi State Convention in 2023.

Sharon Burns and Christy Gill served as hostesses for the meeting at Ann Blankenship’s home where refreshments were served.

Attending the meeting were Vicki Bickford, Ann Blankenship, Sharon Burns, Helen Case, Laura Coffel, Linda Cole, Kathy Coleman, Marsha Cook, Christy Gill, Rebecca Hurd, Donna Smith, Bessie Thomas, and Cecilia Warden.

The next DKG meeting will be held at Fayetteville Baptist Church at 5 p.m. on April 30 hosted by Marion Tanner and Linda Cole. Women educators from throughout Fayette County are invited to join the organization.

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