Bridge Day tent

The Official Bridge Day tents will be located at both the north and south entrances to Bridge Day. Stop by the tent before you head out to the vendors and the BASE jumping for information, to purchase keepsakes or to pick up your Into the Gorge shuttle tickets (pre-sold; no additional tickets are available).

Vendor Number: DBA (Contact)Selling


1-2: MONSTER Energy Drink — Drinks, promos

3: All-N-One-Solutions (Timothy Fowler) — Direct TV, AT&T Internet cellphone products

4: Whispering Winds Naturals (Jonathon Marks & Claude Ryan II) — Hemp products

5: Edward Jones (Jim McNeely) — Info

6: CRA Enterprise (Michael Blackburn or Erin Morrow) — Cinnaroasted nuts, lemonade and coffee

7: Cabela’s/Bass Pro Shop

8: Peace and Love (Johnny Cornejo) — Ponchos, sweaters, gloves, hats and blankets

9: Jelly Jars (Barb Cuchta) — Jams, jellies, pickles, pickled stuff, salsa, relish mustard, BBQ

10-11: Vacation Village Resports (Bob Shubrick) — Promos

12: Libertarian Party of WV (David Valente) — Political info

13: Lizard Tail Belts (Christine Zurbuch) — Belts crafted from climbing rope

14: Dave’s Famous T&L Hotdogs (Robert Abel) — Regular and jumbo dogs, nachos and drinks

15-16: CC Fashions (Cyndi Akers) — Jewelry, hats, handbags, West Virginia signs

17: Hearts Desire Gems (Paparazzi) (Kimberly Woods/Charlene Nelson) — Jewelry/accessories

18: The Stud Shop (Jillian Simons) — Leather goods

19: Hobbies by John & Nancy (Nancy Knepshield) — Homemade crafts, embroidery purses, belts, quilts, water bottles, beaded lamps, onesies

20: SylvanSport (Seyl Park) — GO camping trailer and outdoor gear

21: NRG Sweets (Christa Hodges) Cotton candy and canned drinks

22: Eastern National (Bob Willey) — Books, apparel, hats, etc.

23: Catari (Christian Santillan) — Sweater, ponchos, hats, gloves, bags, blankets

24: P&L Baskets (Linda Elschlager) — Handmade baskets

25: Mary’s K9 Bakery LLC (Mary Gladfelter Shamburg) — Dog treats

26: Dina ColadaCoffee, mac and cheese, chili and cheese

27: Wild Mountain Soaps (Phillip Peelish) — Soap and such


1-2: Monster Energy Drinks — Drinks, promos

3-6: Adventures on the GorgePromos

7-8: BASE Packing

9-10: Gino’s Pizza (Lori Tabit) — Pizza, burgers

12: WV Breast Health Initiative (Donna DeHart) — Breast health merchandise

13: ShentelPromos

14: Cabela’s/Bass Pro Shop

15-16: WV Mountain Ears (Mike & Diana Harris) — Roasted corn, funnel cakes, drinks

17: GM Productions (Greg Michael) — Bridge DVD

18: Hills to Hills (TJ Franklin) — Honey, dried spices, local crafts and clothing

19: Kettelicious KettleCorn (Rick Norris) — Kettle corn

20-21: Wild & Wonderful Lifestyle (Bernadette Dombrowski) — Apparel, stickers, blankets, mugs, keys, tags

22-23: Wild Mountain Soaps (Phillip Peelish) — Soap and such

24: Lost World Caverns (Steven Charlton) — Minerals, crystals, gifts, toys, onyx

25: Tupperware (Rebecca T. Nester)

26-27: Pinkies Creations and Embroidery (Debbie Larch) — Hats and shirts

28: Fayette County Shriner’s (Elmer Pritt) — Donations

29-39: U.S. Air ForcePromos

40: Graphic Impact (Ryan Grady) — Cotton candy and snow cones

41: Donut Connection (Denise Clagg) — Donuts and sandwiches

43: JM Chang (Melanie) — Chicken on stick, Thai-fried rice, Raman noodles, spring roll and lemonade

44-45: CRA Enterprise (Michael Blackburn or Erin Morrow) — Cinnaroasted nuts, lemonade and coffee

47: MADD Concessions (Michelle Brooks) — Funnel cakes, fried Oreos, Snickers, Twinkies, PB&J, cotton candy, frozen lemonade, soda and water

48: Petons K9s (Jessica Estochn) — Key chains, T-shirts to raise money for K9s

49: Gatewood Hemp Co LLC (David Dixon) — Pre-packaged CBD products, oils, rubs, gummies, etc.

50: Mima’s Shoppe (Cindy Harless) — Wreaths, home décor, wood crafts, drinks

51-52: LulaRoe Adeline Grace Boutique (Lori Snyder) — LulaRoe and new kids and baby clothes

53-54: The Iron Beaver (John Beaver) — Metal art, tree of life, hangers, fire pit and welcome signs

55: New River Humane Society (Kathleen Gerencer) — New River T-shirts, shirts, sweatshirts and animal sweater shirts

56: Land & Sea Glass (Janet Stevens) — Genuine and recycled glass jewelry, suncatchers, chimes

57: Canyon Rim Fudge — Fudge

58: Spiral Light Productions (David Hufstetler) — Tie dye apparel

59: AARP (Kevin Jones) — Information

61: Asian Grill and Rice (Quang Bright) — Grilled chicken teriyaki, stir-fried rice

62: C&L ConcessionsKettle corn

63: Inkas Crafts (Jose Catacachi) — Alpaca sweaters, bags, hats, scarfs, poncho and blankets

64: Dave’s Welding & Repair (David Rhodes) — Metal signs and fire pits

65: NRG Harley (Kristen Shamblin) — Clothing and dealership swag

66: Digital RelativitySocial media

67-68: SuddenlinkI Walked the Bridge certificate

69-72: West Virginia LotterySelling lottery tickets

73: Gal Pals (Josette Smith) — Leggings, tunics, cardigans

75: Turkish Grill NC (Samer Salhani) — Gyro, sausage, chicken tenders, corn dogs

76-77: Child Evangelism Fellowship (Robert Norman) — Free face painting

78: Molly Moochers Ranch and Roost (Molly Sandridge) — Goat milk soap, egg yolk soap, rose water, body lotion, lip balm and salves, loofahs

79-81: Triple L Concession (Dennis Lilly) — Funnel cakes and corn dogs

82-83: West Virginia School of Pharmacy (Maxwell DeNora) — Flu vaccines, health screenings, drug disposal kits and info

84: Magical Preasts Design (Caitlyn Preast) — West Virginia- and Disney-themed tees and hats

85: Ourea Publishing LLC (R. Bryan Simon) — Books

86: Keith’s Wallets (M.K. Bibb) — Wallets

88-89: Triple H Concessions (James Hypes) — Taco wraps, dego fries, nachos, taco salad, drinks

90: Appalachian Coffee House (Kelsey Baumann) — Lattes, espressos, coffee, hot chocolate

92: WV World Famous Dirty Water Dogs (Brian and Michelle Sizemore) — Hot dogs, BBQ, nachos, chips, baked goods and drinks

93: Lost Appalachia Co LLC (Nicholas Tankersley) — Appalachian-inspired apparel, mugs, stickers, pennants, pins, patches, artwork

94: Fayette County Public Library (Becky Kellum) — Library info

95: Ooh La Lucy (Kathy Dent) — Clothing and accessories

96: P&L Baskets (Linda Elschlager) — Handmade baskets

97-98: Ridgeview BBQ (Nick Gohlmann) — BBQ, brisket, fries, baked beans, tater salad, drinks

99: WVU School of Dentistry (Skylar Kipps) — Oral health information and hygiene products

100-101: West Virginia National Guard (Jeremy Crosier) — Interactive game booth 40-ft. trailer

102: Ultimate Street Tacos (James Stone) — Tacos, fries, drinks

103: ACE Adventure Resort (Haynes Mansfield) — Rafting info

104: The Lunch Wagon (Kathy Davis) — Funnel cakes, fried Oreos, ice cream, milk shakes, lemonade, peach tea

105: Totally Nutz (David Kline) — Cinnamon-roasted almonds, cashews, pecans

108: The Red Oak Grill (Beth Burdette) — Turkey legs, grilled corn, BBQ, drinks

109: The Hemp Doctor (Cindy Shade) — CBD products and hats

110: National Coal Heritage Authority (Christy Bailey) — Books, T-shirts, key chains, magnets, hoodies

111: Antler Creek Fleece (Kathy Coleman) — Fleece hats, blankets

112: The Poppin’ Kettle (Sharon Bogard) — Kettle corn

113-115: WCF Enterprises (Bill Fenton) — Bungee, Meltdown

116-117: SWVCVBPromos

118-119: WV TourismPromos


130-131: Fayetteville Recycle Truck

132: Elbert’s Coalfield Cuisine (Debbie Elliott) — Italian sausage, tater salad

134: West Virginia Free (Gates Campbell) — Giveaways, pins, stickers, shirts, condoms, pamphlets, hats, posters, nail files, canvas bags

136: UMWA (Joshua King) — Raffle and info, shirts, hats, bandanas

138: Community Connections (Natasha Green) — Substance abuse info

139: People for Petsonk, Inc. (Sam Petsonk) — Running for Attorney General

140: U.S. Health Advisors (Troy Findlay) — Health and supplemental insurance products

142: Top Dog Hotdogs (Sharon Bogard) — Hot dogs, tacos, nachos, soda, water, chips

143: NECCO (Brittany Pugh) — Foster care info

144: Appalachian Extracts (Sydney Bryant) — CBD tinctures, edibles, vape, pens, body and bath balm, hemp flower

145: ACLU (Eli Baumwell) — T-shirts

146: Lotus Garden (Hai Ping Liu) — Mixed gifts

148: Jehovah’s Witnesses (Ronald Skaggs) — The Word of the Lord

151-152: Fireside Grille (Robert Sydenstricker) — Philly sandwiches, tacos, French fries, drinks

154: Adventures Bar & Grill (Osh Assi) — Gyros, Philly cheesecakes, Cajun pasta, pasta salad, ice cream, buffalo chicken wraps, hummus, deep-fried goat cheese, fried pickles, buffalo chicken dip

158-159: Tito’s (Susan Acord) — Promos, stuff

161: Parties and Peonies (Carol Miller) — West Virginia-themed merchandise (pepperoni roll-themed T-shirts), home décor

162: University of Charleston (Lindsay Crance) — Advertising higher education

163: Hypes & Co. (Steve Hypes) — Duffel bags, head lamps, flashlights, metal signs, hats and gloves

166: Good Things Come Cheap (Pamela Sydnor) — Boutique items, clothes, shoes, jewelry, makeup

169: Adkins Alley (John Adkins) — Hats, blankets, purses, leggings, oils, burner, glasses

171: LA Rustic Designs (Amy Cunningham-Shumate) — Rustic signs and cutouts

173: Owl Feather Designs (Kaitlyn Whitt) — Jewelry, housewares made from silverplate

176: Memories Made (Glasswerks) (Chip Stebbins) — Bangles, charms, lokias, pop sockets

177-178: New River Learning Co-op (Kim Maxwell) — T-shirts and booth photos

179: Across the Waters (Tricia Savilla) — Driftwood and coal crafts

180: Old Dandridge (Tara Benger) — Soy wax candles, melts and jewelry

181: Bodhi Tie Dye Co. (Kevin Arbogast) — Tie-dyed shirts

182: Hackworth’s Wood & Steel LLC (Matthew Hackworth) — Stainless steel jewelry, ornaments, artwork, key chains, etc.

183: Zachary Flomerfelt — Various state hangings made from license plates

184: Kathrin HansonHandcrafted jewelry, copper jewelry

185: Heaven’s Calling (Michele Brown) — Magnets, notepads, verses in pill bottles, journals, fans, calendars, note checks, posters, clothing, bookmarks

186: Good JuJu (Julia Woodson) — Handmade jewelry and crafts

188: Stainless Outdoor Stoves (Mike Coburn) — Crown Royal Brand Outdoor

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