Fayette County Democrats will continue their annual outreach efforts, with a twist.

For the past nine years, members of the Fayette County Democratic Executive Committee have sponsored a fundraising dinner. Its aim was to raise money to elect Democrats, as well as create scholarships for young Democrats and spread the party's ideals.

As with many activities and organizational endeavors, the committee's fundraising dinner in 2020 had its physical presentation sidelined due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, committee members have organized an event which will expand into the virtual world and present the party's message as the 2020 general election approaches.

"Democrats Lift Us Up!" will air on the Facebook account Fayette Dems anytime on Saturday, Oct. 10.

Musical selections and various narrated segments delivering the party's message were filmed on Monday, Oct. 5 at the historic Glen Ferris Inn.

Musical coordination was done by Bill Sohonage, chairman of the Fayette County Democratic Executive Committee, and Debbie Bush. Susan Williams, secretary of the executive committee, provided the text.

Narrators for the weekend event will include Michael Martin, award-winning actor and the former mayor of Mount Hope; Debbie Bush, retired teacher and treasurer of the Fayette County Democratic Executive Committee; the Rev. Matthew Watts, pastor of Grace Bible Church in Charleston; Eddie Ingles, an actor and secretary for the South Central Labor Council; and Chris Wright, retired school guidance counselor and vice president of the Fayette County Democratic Executive Committee.

The musical lineup will include Matt Mullins and The Bringdowns, Key to Adam, Sam Petsonk, Andrew Adkins, Ron Sowell and Lady D, and Randy Gilkey.

Among the musical offerings will be "The West Virginia Hills," performed as a collaboration between Gilkey, a well-known local musician, and Petsonk, the Democratic candidate for West Virginia attorney general.

"Enjoy this celebration of music and ideas," reads an advertisement for the event.

The production was filmed by Dwane Muncy's Cucumber & Company.

— Steve Keenan

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