The Fayetteville town council got the first glimpse at a mural proposed and commissioned by the Fayetteville Art Coalition to be painted on the Second Avenue Bridge buttresses on W.Va. 16 west of the downtown.

Shea Wells with the art coalition said the group has received drawings from artist Jeff Pierson, who is well known for his murals in Charleston and throughout West Virginia.

She explained that when the group did its last mural downtown some raised questions about why a local Fayetteville or Oak Hill artist wasn’t chosen.

She explained the group wants to ensure they choose an artist with a skill set specific to mural art.

She said one side of the bridge will depict art and the other, which is slated to be painted first, will depict music.

The artist’s rendering depicts a fiddle, banjo and dulcimer stretched the length of the buttress.

Wells showed the drawings to the council and said the coalition needs help preparing the wall for the mural to start in the spring.

“There is a lot of work that needs to happen on the wall before it can get primed. A representative with Sherman Williams suggested the wall get sand blasted or pressure washed,” she said. “We have to get over that hurdle before we can even paint the wall white.”

She said vines are currently covering the wall and there are many years of paint chips to clear.

Mayor James Akers said town employees could prepare the wall to be primed in the spring.

The council also approved a bid for the expansion of the Fayetteville Volunteer Fire Department. The low bid was awarded to Dan Hill Construction of Gauley Bridge for $340,000.

Fire Chief John Vernon said that the expansion is needed to both house new equipment and make sure existing equipment currently stored out-of-doors can be sheltered.

Vernon said the fire department recently invested in a ladder truck, which can only clear their current 12-foot bays by a few inches.

“If we were to leave in a hurry and the truck bounced, we would end up tearing out the front of the building as well as do significant damage to the truck,” he explained.

The expansion will add two 14-foot bays.

Vernon also said the fire department has several vehicles, like their ATV and trailers, that are housed outside.

The construction is slated to start no later than 30 days after the contractor receives notice of the council’s approval.

Also during the meeting, Fayetteville Convention and Visitors Bureau Director Sally Kiner reminded those present that Saturday, Oct. 4 was the last Market Day of the season, which each month boasts live music, yard sales, and an Artisan Village.

The council also discussed moving town Trick or Treat from Friday to Thursday to avoid traffic from Fayetteville High School’s Friday night game.

The town approved 6 to 8 p.m. Thursday for Trick or Treat.


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