Brookfield Renewable advises local residents that maintenance and upgrade work in the area in coming weeks will involve the utilization of helicopters.

In a May 18 announcement, the company revealed specific work that will include tower replacements along Brookfield Renewable’s 138 kV transmission line. The work will take place intermittently starting on May 27 and running through June 26. The helicopters will be used for removal and installation of new hardware, according to the release. Due to the use of the helicopters, minimum ground disturbing activities will be necessary.

The work will occur in the area between Paint Creek and Morris Creek near Montgomery.

“While this work will have no impact on the public, we wanted to make local residents aware of what is going on due to the increased frequency of helicopters in the region,” Brookfield Renewable spokesman Brian Noonan said. “This is simply us keeping our commitment to investing in the maintenance and upgrades of our infrastructure and equipment.”

The project will also include prep work involving minor dress-up of the tower pads prior to the beginning of work.

Anyone with questions can direct them to or call Noonan at 617-838-2658.

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