April 5 at 6 p.m.

Town Hall, 125 North Court Street

1. Call to order

2. Read minutes from previous meeting

3. Correct or approve minutes as read

4. Review and approval of financial report

5. Appointments: Jim Murdock — Police Grievance

    Board; Jessica Smith — School Building


Old business:

1. Discuss adding parking spots along Wiseman

    Avenue next to the Fayette County Courthouse

    — Recorder

2. Consider new hire employees paying seven

    percent on their health insurance premiums —


3. Approve Resolution 2012-5 — $4,000 West

    Virginia Community Participation grant for roofs

    on baseball dugouts and picnic shelters —


4. Discuss the street lights that still have not

    been repaired by AEP — Recorder

5. Discuss amending and updating the Town of

    Fayetteville Comprehensive Plan with West

    Virginia University College of Law managing

    Attorney Nathan J. Fetty — Recorder

New business:

1. VISTA Worker Tristan Cleveland with New River

    Gorge Regional Development and Coal Heritage

    Association — Recorder

2. Discuss Create Fayetteville’s Public Wireless Network cost estimates — Recorder

3. Discuss 2-hour parking issues — Recorder

4. Discuss the Second Avenue Bridge — Recorder

5. Executive session to discuss employee and

    personnel issues — Attorney Larry Harrah

Report from boards:

-- Visitor’s agenda

-- Town Park Board

-- CVB report

-- Beautification Commission

-- Huse Park Commission

-- Planning Commission Board

-- School Building Committee

-- Water and Sanitary Board

-- Police Department report

-- Fire Department report

-- Town Superintendent’s report


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