A group of local community members, led by Amanda Ashley and Peilee Ren of Goikoi, want Fayette and Raleigh County communities to come together to look at what children are eating in schools, and learn what we can do to ensure they are eating food that is better for them.

A growing number of children aren’t getting enough vital nutrients, the kind found only in real, whole food,  the women believe. “If your kids are eating pizza, chicken nuggets and 100-calorie snack bags, chances are they aren’t getting the right kind of nutrition for proper growth, academic and athletic performance,” Ashley stated in a press release.

To that end, “Two Angry Moms,” the film, will be shown at Tamarack May 11 at 6 p.m. The movie chronicles what happens when fed-up moms start a grassroots revolution aimed at establishing programs that safeguard the health of our kids.

Timely, controversial and cutting edge, “Two Angry Moms,” the film and the movement, address an issue of great concern to parents across the country. What is happening to the health of our children and how does school food factor in?

The showing is sponsored by Plateau Medical Center, and Dr. Scott Kilmer also will speak on the topic.

The screening is free to the public.

For more details about the movie and the movement, please visit www.angrymoms.org, or contact Amanda Ashley at 304-731-8346.


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