Unfinished business

1. Harlem Heights Fire Hydrant Project

2. Proposed Ordinance Amendment —

    Commercial and oversized vehicles, Article

    361.14 and 301.051 (2nd reading)

3. Sewer rate increase hearing — 2nd reading

4. Ordinance Amendment, 533.17 — Duties

    of persons renting dwelling units within the city

5. Ordinance Amendment, 753.01 — License

    taxes, schedule of fees

6. Storm Water Ordinance Amendment hearing —

    2nd reading

New business

  1. Amendment to Planned Development Zone,

     single family dwelling — SALS property

 2. Planning Commission recommendations

     A. Zone change request — 206 Victory Street

       (R-2 to B-2)

     B. Adoption of revised Comprehensive Plan

 3. School zone sidewalks — request for proposal

 4. Access to the Depot area of the Rail Trail by

      motorized vehicles

 5. Transfer from Rainy Day Fund for Police Dept.

     Records Management System

  6. Veterans Day parade

   7. Amendment to Article 361.07

  8. Amphitheater Steering Committee

  9. Advertise for mini-excavator

10. Request for annexation — 203 Industrial

      Drive, Roger L. Scarbro Jr.

11. Proclamation — Child Abuse Awareness


Council’s Finance Committee will meet at 5:45 p.m. in the city manager’s reception area.

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