Girl Scout event slated for June 10

“Smoking Is Not Joking” is the theme of 300 Girl Scouts in Fayette County.

Plateau Service Unit of the Black Diamond Girl Scouts has spent the past year attending workshops learning about the effects of tobacco on the health of their families. They are making a pledge to be tobacco-free and telling their stories of how it impacts their lives.

The program will be presented on June 10 at the Historic Fayette Theater from 2 to 4 p.m. The celebration will include a short skit, keynote speaker David Bryles, a presentation from the Family Resource Network, WCIR live remote and Greg Fowler will display his race car that is sponsored by The Friends of Coal and the Tobacco Coalition.

This day is a celebration of positive choices and girls with a future ahead. We also are going to honor the top four girls in Fayette County who sold 500 or more boxes of Girl Scout cookies.

I just would like to let the citizens of this area be aware of this one small thing in our community that puts a warm sunny feeling for the future. These girls have a lot to be proud of and will have a lot to bring to the table in the tomorrows to come. Hope to see you on the 10th.

Carol Zickafoose

Plateau Service Unit Black Diamond Girl Scouts

Oak Hill

Politicians who play on class envy tend to be ‘self-serving demagogues’

I am a “poor” person who does not generally dislike rich people. I have never tried to be rich, so why should I object to others being what I never tried to be?

Some people are born to wealth. I congratulate them and wish them happiness. Their inheritance is their own and none of mine.

Most of the wealthy obtain their riches through risky ventures and hard work. They deserve every penny and owe me nothing.

A minority that is much smaller than many want to believe accrue their wealth through dishonest means. For them, we have prisons aplenty.

Scripture says “Thou shalt not covet.” Folks who do covet approach life with a base motive. They who encourage others to covet are baser than the covetous.

I believe that politicians who play on class envy with a stated concern for “the poor” tend to be self-serving demagogues who seek to use the people. That is one of the reasons I have learned to dislike the Democratic Party and eschew the zombie mindset of its votaries.

Roger Merrow

Oak Hill

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