Voters enter City Hall Tuesday evening on Court Street in Fayetteville to cast their votes in the municipal election. 

Multiple Fayette County municipalities held city or town elections Tuesday.

The City of Oak Hill’s election field was crowded with five individuals competing for mayor, two for a council-at-large seat, seven candidates for three Ward One council seats and nine candidates for three Ward Two seats.

Fayetteville’s mayoral race was between incumbent Dennis Hanson and current council member Sharon Cruikshank, while the town’s five council seats had a total of 10 candidates.

In Pax, the election was in effect only for mayor due to the fact that the town’s council of five only saw four official candidates on the ballot.

Much like Pax, Gauley Bridge’s election featured a three-way mayoral race contested with only five candidates for the five seats available on the council.

Provisional votes are yet to be counted, but the unofficial results are as follows:


Incumbent mayor William Hughes received the most unofficial votes in Pax’s only contested election with 20, followed by Shirley Ann Roberts with 10.

As the only candidate for recorder, Clara Davis received 21 votes.

For council, Sheila Johnson received 27 unofficial votes, Scott Dickinson Sr. received 24 votes, Angela Gerald received 20 votes and Joey Norkevitz received 15 votes.

There were also seven provisional ballots yet to be counted.

Gauley Bridge

In the only contested race, Bob Scott received 59 unofficial votes for mayor, with William Kincaid receiving 32 and Shane Winebrenner receiving 7.

Incumbent recorder Marisa Thomas Toney received 92 votes as the only candidate in the recorder race.

While all of the listed candidates have automatically won election to the town’s council, Damian Elswick received the most votes with 75, Tammy Prather and Robbie Belmont each received 74 votes, Johnnie Kincaid received 67 votes and Michaela Sheldon received 62 votes.

Oak Hill

The races in Oak Hill are still up in the air with a total of 127 provisional ballots, 110 in Ward Two, yet to be counted if warranted.

In the mayoral race, as of late Tuesday evening, Danny Wright leads the way with 264 votes, incumbent mayor Fred Dickinson has 159 votes, Mark Hurt has 148 votes, Barbara Hickman has 65 votes and Saundra Smith has 58 votes.

Incumbent Council-at-Large Tom Oxley held a large lead with 414 votes to Quartney Settle's 256 vote count.

For council representing Ward One, with only 17 provisional ballots, incumbents Diana Janney, 251 votes, and Missy Kidd Wilshire, 209 votes, will be joined on the council by Michelle Holly who received an unofficial 200 votes.

For the remaining Ward One candidates, Don Williams received 170 votes, Christa Hodges received 133 votes, Wes McDonald received 100 votes and Curtis Taylor received 88 votes.

Ward Two is not as clear with its 110 provisional ballots yet to be decided upon.

Charles Smallwood received the highest number of regularly counted ballots with 146 votes cast his way, incumbent Steve Hayslette received 91 votes as of late Tuesday evening, incumbent Paul Baker received 87, Jeff Atha received 74, Danielle Dearing-Harris received 66, Tim Buskus received 55, Vicky Pizzino received 36, Colby Lopez received 16 and Erin Ellis-Reed received 10.

Oak Hill will hold its canvass 6 p.m. June 17 to finalize the tally.


For the mayorship, Sharon Cruikshank unofficially took in 371 votes, defeating incumbent Dennis Hanson who took home 270 votes.

The sole recorder candidate, Zenda Carte Vance, received 478 votes.

As for the council, the three incumbents running took home the top three vote totals.

Lori Tabit received 366 votes, Stanley Boyd received 353 votes and Okey Skidmore received 339 votes.

They will be joined by newcomers Gabe Pena and Brian Good, who unofficially took home 338 and 309 votes, respectively.

Finishing out of the totals, Rob Long received 216 votes, Mariah Ritterbush received 195 votes, Janette “Jet” Woodrum received 184 votes, Olivia Tygrett received 110 votes and Debbie Richardson received 99 votes.

Fayetteville’s canvass will take place at 9 a.m. on June 17.

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Note: The reported votes are unofficial pending a canvass. Final vote totals may change.

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(Cheryl Keenan and Steve Keenan contributed to this story.)

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