Danny Wright will become Oak Hill’s new mayor July 1.

OAK HILL — A canvass of the June 11 municipal election in Fayette County’s largest city made no difference in the final results.

Following the election last Tuesday, 127 provisional ballots were left to consider at the canvass. While a large portion of those ballots were approved as legitimate, the election’s final results remained unchanged.

For mayor, Danny Wright, the original leader following the election, picked up 59 additional votes for a total of 300. Other candidates and their additional votes for the total were as follows: Mark A. Hurt, +41 for 189; incumbent Fred W. Dickinson, +13 for 172; Barbara Hickman, +19 for 84; and Saundie Smith, +5 for 63.

In the council-at-large race, challenger Quartney Settle picked up more provisional ballots than incumbent Tom Oxley, but not enough to make a difference in the end. Oxley picked up 53 votes for a total of 467, while Settle added 59 for a total of 315.

Ten provisional ballots were considered in Ward 1 with the results the same following the canvass. Representing Ward 1 on council will be incumbents Diana Janney and Missy Kidd Wilshire, along with political newcomer Michelle Holly. The final vote tally was: Janney, +7 for 258; Wilshire, +6 for 215; Holly, +3 for 203; followed by Don Williams, +6 for 176; Christa Hodges, +5 for 138; Wes McDonald, +6 for 106; and Curtis G. Taylor, 88.

The Ward 2 voting was the one that could have seriously been affected by provisional ballots, with 110 to be considered. The leaders after the initial vote count — Charles Smallwood, Steve Hayslette and Paul Baker — remained the top vote-getters following the canvass, which was to be certified Wednesday evening.

Smallwood initially garnered 146 votes to lead the balloting, but added an additional 60 for a total of 206 following the canvass. Hayslette added 24 provisional ballots to his original 91 for a total of 115 and Baker’s 87 was increased to a tally of 110 after the addition of 23 provisional ballots. The remaining totals were: Danielle Dearing-Harris, +21 for a tally of 106; Jeffery D. Atha, +21 for 95; Tim Buskus, +14 for 69; Vickie Pizzino, +27 for 63; Colby Lopez, +17 for 33; and Erin Ellis Reid, +14 for 24.

The new office holders will be sworn in at a ceremony at 5:30 p.m. on July 1 in council chambers at City Hall. Their first official meeting will be July 8 at 6:30 p.m.

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