Pumpkin House

The Lewis House on Main Street in Oak Hill will become The Pumpkin House Oct. 24 through Nov. 1. Pumpkin entries will be accepted Oct. 24.

OAK HILL — The Covid-19 pandemic has forced the cancellation of uncountable events and changes to most others.

One thing that won't change this year, however, is the pumpkin carving contest sponsored by the Lively Family Amphitheater at Oak Hill's annual Pumpkin House.

"Sadly, due to Covid we had to cancel the candy booth portion of our festival this year," Kathleen Lively-Polk said in a press release. "I know many of you would still like to be active in this event so here is an easy way to do so! Please have your business, organization, employees (or) family carve a pumpkin or several pumpkins for our Pumpkin House! Each pumpkin will be entered into the contest and ... we have some great prize money to give out! Another plus is that you can submit an unlimited amount of pumpkins! We want all the pumpkins we can get," she said.

Registration will take place at The Lewis House, 214 Main Street, Oak Hill, Saturday, Oct. 24 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

The pumpkins will be judged that evening and the winners will be announced Sunday. The pumpkins will be lit each night at The Lewis House until Nov. 1.

"We ask that when carving the pumpkins, please cut the hole in the bottom and keep the top (stem) intact ... for lighting purposes," she added, also pointing out that those carving pumpkins should wait until Friday, Oct. 23 so that the pumpkins last through the next week.

Prizes in the contest are as follows:

Adult Carved Pumpkin (ages 15 and older)

1st place — $100 and trophy

2nd place — $75

3rd place — $50

Child Carved Pumpkin (ages 14 and younger)

1st place — $25 and trophy

2nd place — $15

3rd place — $10

Child Painted Pumpkin (ages 8 and younger)

1st place — $25 and trophy

2nd place — $15

3rd place — $10

For more information, email klively@jimlively.com or call 304-465-5685.

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