Bryan Lee Ogle II

Bryan Lee Ogle II, 33, of Sevierville, Tennessee, pleaded guilty to being a felon in possession of a firearm on Monday resulting from a traffic stop in Montgomery in 2018.

According to United States Attorney Mike Stuart, Ogle admitted that he was driving near Montgomery on Feb. 8, 2018, when officers with the Montgomery Police Department tried to perform a traffic stop. The defendant pulled over momentarily but then began to flee at a high rate of speed.

The pursuit reached speeds of approximately 110 mph in a residential and business area with a 35 mph speed limit. The defendant lost control of the vehicle and struck a hillside on the side of the roadway.

As officers tried to open the driver’s side door and remove the defendant, he put the vehicle in reverse and attempted to back away. The vehicle then struck a utility pole and was immobilized. An officer then stood in front of the vehicle and gave the defendant commands to stop the vehicle. In response, the defendant attempted to rev the engine and move forward to strike the officer. After realizing that the vehicle would not move, the defendant exited the vehicle and attempted to flee on foot. He was caught by officers and a physical struggle ensued, with the defendant striking and biting the involved officers. The defendant also attempted to grab and remove one of the officers’ firearms during the struggle.

After Ogle’s arrest in Montgomery, he was taken to Charleston Area Medical Center General Division for medical treatment. While in custody at CAMC, Ogle attempted to escape from police, with the pursuit ending in a stairwell. When police officers attempted to place Ogle in custody, he knocked a Montgomery Police officer off the stairs, causing injuries to the officer. While the officer was down, Ogle gained control of his firearm and shot a Charleston Police officer. The bullet was deflected by the officer’s body-worn camera.

Ogle pleaded guilty in Kanawha County Circuit Court to attempted murder, escape, assault in the commission of a felony and battery and was sentenced to the maximum sentence of six to 30 years in state prison.

Ogle faces up to life in prison on the federal charge when sentenced on Oct. 22.

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