I first met Anthony Ciliberti when he was an assistant Fayette County Prosecutor. In those days, I worked full-time as a Gazette reporter, and I covered many cases in Fayette County Circuit Court.

I was struck immediately by his honesty and hard work. In time I would watch Ciliberti, with another assistant Fayette County Prosecutor, Tom Steele, successfully prosecute Edgar Friedrichs.

If you can remember back two decades, you know that a child died in Friedrichs’ cabin. But the Fayette County Board of Education returned Friedrichs to the classroom. I believe Ciliberti’s hard work helped to remove a predator from our elementary schools.

Now Ciliberti wants to be our full-time county prosecutor. He brings the virtues of hard work and honesty coupled with experience to the job.

I hope you will join me in voting for Ciliberti for prosecutor.

Susan Williams

Charlton Heights

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