The Coalfield Athletic Conference recently released its all-conference softball and baseball teams for spring 2019. According to Commissioner Chad Quesenberry, honorees were as follows:

Class A softball

First team

• Michelle Shrewsbury, Summers County

• Miranda Billings, Summers County

• Kenley Posten, Greenbrier West

• Camryn Dorsey, Greenbrier West

Chasity Ballenger, Meadow Bridge

Bonnie Bragg, Meadow Bridge

Gracie Gipson, Valley

Emmie Lopetrone, Valley

Taylor Harrell, Midland Trail

Serena Minor, Midland Trail

Cassidy Roles, Fayetteville

Rachel Peelish, Fayetteville

• Hanna Lipps, Richwood

• Kiara Smith, Richwood

Second team

• Britney Myers, Summers County

• Riley Richmond, Summers County

• Reegan Lively, Greenbrier West

• Caley Chrisman, Greenbrier West

Kaylee Schmidle, Meadow Bridge

• Amanda Church, Greenbrier West

Mallory Kincaid, Valley

Haley Myers, Valley

Zavery McManaway, Midland Trail

Kyleigh Jackson, Midland Trail

Nikki Holbrook, Fayetteville

Kaysie Cogar, Fayetteville

• Kayley Strader, Richwood

• Trinity Amick, Richwood

Class AA softball

First team

• Holly Brehm, Wyoming East

• Nicole Kester, Independence

• Kaylen Parks, Independence

• Bradleigh Hayhurst, Shady Spring

• Paige Maynard, Liberty

• Vanessa Weight, Liberty

• Olivia Barnett, Shady Spring

• Ashleigh Sexton, Independence

• Emily Pritchard, Westside

• Jaeden Fleenor, Westside

• Paige Laxton, Wyoming East

• Savannah Bragg, Independence

• Riley Adkins, Independence

Savannah Holbrook, Oak Hill

Second team

• Makenzie Holley, Independence

• Emily Jones, Shady Spring

• Madison Maynard, Liberty

• Madelyn Stover, Liberty

• Torin Morgan, Westside

• Madison Hicks, Westside

• Olivia Hylton, Wyoming East

• Caitlin Bleigh, Westside

• Alyssa Lilly, Shady Spring

• Sandy Mills, Shady Spring

• Kaitlynn Richardson, PikeView

• Kaitlyn Lockard, PikeView

Haylee Byers, Oak Hill

Class A baseball

First team

Nathan Hanshew, Midland Trail

Colin Dempsey, Midland Trail

Cy Persinger, Midland Trail

• Samuel Wykle, Summers County

• Chase Adkins, Summers County

• Nathan Wykle, Summers County

• Colton Ferrell, Richwood

• Wes Spencer, Richwood

• Chad Ramsey, Greenbrier West

• Chase McClung, Greenbrier West

• Evan McDade, Greenbrier West

Logan Frantz, Fayetteville

Hunter Rinehart, Fayetteville

Max Holland, Fayetteville

Jordan Dempsey, Fayetteville

Second team

Travis Scarbrough, Midland Trail

• Logan Jones, Summers County

• Tyler Miller, Summers County

• Cole McClung, Greenbrier West

• Josh Jones, Greenbrier West

• John Parks, Greenbrier West

• Will Whittaker, Summers County

Seth McCarraher, Fayetteville

Peyton Sheaves, Midland Trail

Griffin Boggs, Midland Trail

• Chase Brown, Richwood

• Eli Bower, Summers County

Nick Milam, Fayetteville

Jimmy Harper, Valley

Class AA baseball

First team

Lane Jordan, Oak Hill

• Hunter Schoolcraft, Independence

• Justin Lovell, Shady Spring

• Eric Hoosier, Wyoming East

• Peyton Meadows, PikeView

• Chris Begley, Liberty

• Brady Vance, Westside

• Josh Pritt, Nicholas County

Caleb Jones, Oak Hill

• David Wilson, Independence

• Matt St. Clair, Shady Spring

• McQuade Canada, Wyoming East

• Andrew Hazelwood, James Monroe

• Matt Caldwell, Wyoming East

• Nick Jewell, James Monroe

• Jason Meadows, Shady Spring

• Riley Nicholas, Nicholas County

• Logan Williams, Liberty

• Anthony Bisaha, PikeView

• Chandler Harvey, Westside

Second team

Zane Wolfe, Oak Hill

Tyreece Nelson, Oak Hill

• Atticus Goodson, Independence

• Michael McKinney, Independence

• Tommy Williams, Shady Spring

• Noel Sizemore, Shady Spring

• Tyler Cook, PikeView

• Jake Coalson, PikeView

• Nate Griffith, Liberty

• Logan Vance, Westside

• Clay Lester, Wyoming East

• Chase York, Wyoming East

• Hayden Miller, Independence

Johnny Lyons, Oak Hill

• Andrew Hughes, Nicholas County

Bradley Lokant, Oak Hill

• Spencer Kenney, Westside

• Ethan Blackburn, Westside

• Ethan Hill, Liberty

• Daylan Adkins, Liberty

• River Spencer, Independence

• Derrick Mullins, Nicholas County

• Garrett Kesterson, Nicholas County

• Colby Taylor Williams, PikeView

Preston Legg, Oak Hill

• Hunter Stump, Liberty

• Grant Davis, Shady Spring

• Hunter Lester, Westside

• Noah Parker, Nicholas County

• Brandon Simpson, Wyoming East

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