A new athletic director will be hired to oversee athletic operations of the expanding public school complex in Oak Hill.

The individual hired for the new position will assume numerous responsibilities for the Oak Hill high and middle school complex. According to the posting on the Fayette County Schools website, duties will include organizing and scheduling the overall extracurricular athletic program, both intramural and interscholastic, for the assigned schools; assisting in the selection and assignment of athletic coaches/trainers for the schools; being responsible for the assignment and/or selection of officials, team physicians and security; assuming general responsibility for the proper supervision of athletic contests; arranging transportation for participants in all sports activities; coordinating various requirements concerning student eligibility with the West Virginia Secondary School Activities Commission (WVSSAC) and West Virginia State Board of Education (WVBE); preparing and administering athletic program budgets; working with coaches to order uniforms, supplies and equipment; and arranging practice schedules for the various teams.

The job posting closed Friday, June 7, according to Margaret Pennington, the associate superintendent of personnel and operations for Fayette County Schools.

Assistant principals typically have held athletic director responsibilities in local high schools, she noted.

Current OHHS assistant principal/athletic director Chad Quesenberry expects that his day-to-day duties will shift somewhat to focus more on the special education program and concentrating more on areas such as attendance issues and graduation rates.

"I'll still be involved in the sports; that's still where my heart is," he said. "But, at the same time, I'm really excited about the opportunity to work with the dropout prevention, with some of those efforts; not that I haven't been doing, but that I haven't been able to focus on fully."

According to Pennington, the Fayette County Board of Education-approved athletic director position is not an administrative position. It is a state aid-eligible professional job which requires a valid West Virginia professional teacher certification. Pennington said the salary will be based upon the successful applicant's degree level and educational experience for an employment term of 230 days. The AD will report to the building principal.

The board of education additionally has approved the posting of extracurricular event coordinator positions for middle and high schools, she said. Those positions will be posted at a later date.

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