OAK HILL — Coach Cy Holly’s Collins Middle School squads raced away with team titles in Friday’s Fayette County middle school track and field championships at John P. Duda Stadium.

The Little Devils dominated the boys competition with 239 points, while runner-up Meadow Bridge tallied 132.

The Collins girls didn’t win by as large of a margin but still triumphed, scoring 157 to runner-up Meadow Bridge’s 124.

For photos from the meet, see Monday’s The Fayette Tribune.

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Following are results:


Team scores: Collins 157, Meadow Bridge 124, Fayetteville 95, Mount Hope 70, Valley 22, Meadow Bridge B 8, Fayetteville ‘B’ 0, Collins B 4, Meadow Bridge C 1

Individual results

Long jump: S. Halstenberg (F), 13-8; M. Lawson (C), N. Sheaves (MB), C. Church (MB), K. Williams (MH), J. Hamilton (F)

Discus: M. Micheal (F), 67-4 1/2; K. Redden (MB), C. Molchanoff (C), A. Gilkerson (MB), C. Parrish (F), S. Fleshman (MB)

3200: Koch (C), 14:48.72

400: Harler (MH), 1:10.56; Forren (MB), Wolfe (C), Willis (V), Dodson (C B), Cline (MH)

4X800 relay: Collins, 12:14; Meadow Bridge

100: Lawson (C), 13.16; Martin (C), Williams (MH), Peak (F), Braenovich (C), Bowles (C)

Shot put: S. Simms (V), 31-0; K. Redden (MB), A. Gilkerson (MB), C. Molchanoff (C), A. Fleshman (MB), K. Dennler (C)

High jump: S. Elkins (F), 4-4; M. Harler (MH), S. Simms (V), C. Light (C), T. Smith (MH), C. Harrah (MB)

75 hurdles: Halstenberg (F), 12.86; Elkins (F), Church (MB), Simms (MB), Smith (MH), Hamilton (F)

4X200 relay: Collins, 2:08.4; Meadow Bridge, Fayetteville, Meadow Bridge B

1600: Belcher (C), 6:25.65; Selbe (C), Clay (C), Williams (MB)

4X100 relay: Mount Hope, Meadow Bridge, Collins, Meadow Bridge B, Collins B, Meadow Bridge C

800: Selbe (C), 3:02.34; Lego (MB), Wolfe (C), Williams (MB), Clay (C)

200: Lawson (C), 28.34; Harler (MH), Williams (MH), Smith (MH), Simms (V), Colograsso (C)

200 hurdles: Halstenberg (F), 33.51; Elkins (F), Callison (MB), Lanham (C), Harkins (MB), Epperly (C)

4X400 relay: Meadow Bridge, 5:14.62; Collins, Fayetteville

Shuttle hurdles: Fayetteville, 45.45; Meadow Bridge, Collins

Pole vault: J. Smith (MH), 5-0


Team scores: Collins 239, Meadow Bridge 132, Fayetteville 57, Mount Hope 34, Meadow Bridge B 12, Collins B 8, Valley 6

Individual results

Long jump: M. Myles (C), 16-5; A. Wilder (F), M. Campbell (F), T. Bennett (MB), B. Gwinn (MB), D. Swafford (C)

Discus: A. Wilder (F), 97-2; M. Smith (C), D. Mullins (MH), M. Mullins (MH), C. Grey (MB), C. Hillberry (MH)

3200: Gray (C), 13:02.24; Warshaw (C), Gardner (C)

400: Bennett (MB), 57.93; Swafford (C), Wingerd (MB), Givens (C), James (C), Fliger (C)

4X800 relay: Collins, 11:26.56; Collins B, Meadow Bridge

100: Myles (C), 12.07; Bennett (MB), Gwinn (MB), Hernandez (F), Haynes (V), Church (MB)

Shot put: N. Smith (C), 35-5 1/2; J. Cochran (C), D. Mullins (MH), C. Martin (MB), M. Mullins (MH), D. Ennis (MB)

High jump: A. Humphrey (C), 5-2; L. Elam (C), A. Redden (MB), T. Taylor (C), H. Hernandez (F), R. Gore (MH)

65 high hurdles: Humphrey (C), 11.36; Gore (MH), Cayton (F), White (MB)

4X200 relay: Meadow Bridge, 1:50.41; Collins, Fayetteville, Meadow Bridge B

1600: Stowers (C), 5:52.01; Warshaw (C), Cooper (MB), T. Davis (MB), Hoover (C), Gardner (C)

4X100 relay: Collins, 52.25; Meadow Bridge, Fayetteville, Meadow Bridge B

800: Swafford (C), 2:29.52; Gray (C), Stowers (C), Cooper (MB), James (C), Fliger (C)

200: Myles (C), 25.75; Bennett (MB), Toney (MB), Haynes (V), Wingerd (MB), Church (MB)

200 hurdles: Humphrey (C), 29.31; Redden (MB), Gore (MH), Elam (C), Muckleroy (C), Roach (MB)

4X400 relay: Collins, 4:43.37; Meadow Bridge

Shuttle hurdles: Collins, 44.11; Fayetteville, Meadow Bridge, Meadow Bridge B

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