The Coalfield Conference Wednesday released the all-Coalfield Conference football honorees for the 2019 season. They are as follows:

Class AA

1st team offense

QB – Monroe Mohler (James Monroe)

WR – Xander Castillo (James Monroe)

WR – Jacob Bishop (Wyoming East)

RB – Caleb Bowers (Wyoming East)

RB – Atticus Goodson (Independence)

RB – Haven Chapman (Shady Spring)

OL – Tanner Jenkins (Wyoming East)

OL – Andrew Deal (Nicholas County)

OL – Hayden Miller (Independence)

OL – Stephen Crook (Shady Spring)

OL – Tanner Hazelwood (PikeView)

PK – Erick Bevil (Shady Spring)

Utl – Luke LeRose (Nicholas County)

Utl – Drew Clark (Shady Spring)

1st team defense

DL – Colton Groves (Nicholas County)

DL – Jeffery Bowles (Liberty)

DL – Brady Hunt (James Monroe)

DL – Marcell Guy (Independence)

LB – Clay Lester (Wyoming East)

LB – Dane Chapman (Shady Spring)

LB – Hunter Williams (Independence)

LB – Devin McKown (Nicholas County)

DB – Caden Lookabill (Wyoming East)

DB – Tyler Sedlock (Nicholas County)

DB – Braden Howell (Liberty)

P – Matt Lilly (PikeView)

U – Issac Harvey (Shady Spring)

U – McQuade Canada (Wyoming East)

2nd team offense

QB – Seth Ross (Wyoming East)

WR – Dylan Blake (PikeView)

WR – Jadon Hershberger (Shady Spring)

RB – Ryan Simms (Liberty)

RB – Isaiah Valentine (Shady Spring)

RB – Te-amo Shelton (Oak Hill)

OL – Josh Riley (Wyoming East)

OL – Carter Brown (James Monroe)

OL – Colton Morgan (Westside)

OL – Marcus Ovalle (Oak Hill)

OL – Jacob Stover (Liberty)

PK – Lydia Crook (Wyoming East)

2nd team defense

DL – Brandon Lester (Westside)

DL – Kane Thorn (James Monroe)

DL – Dakota McBride (Wyoming East)

DL – Ethan Morgan (Shady Spring)

LB – Jarrett McFall (Oak Hill)

LB – Scott Wilshire (Oak Hill)

LB – Garrett Huffman (James Monroe)

LB – Ethan Begovich (PikeView)

DB – Daniel Reed (Westside)

DB – Phil Spurlock (Independence)

DB – Hunter Perdue (Oak Hill)

P – Tony Stump (Oak Hill)

Honorable mention offense

Nate Bloomfield (Oak Hill); Cameron Ellis (PikeView); Josh Reilly (Wyoming East); Zach O'Dell (Nicholas County); Jace Colucci (Westside); Cody Fleenor (Independence); Tristan Wills (James Monroe); Ian McKinney (Shady Spring); Logan Doddrill (Liberty); Leonard Farrow (Oak Hill); Shawn Pennington (Liberty); Kobey Taylor-Williams (PikeView); Brandon Morgan (Wyoming East); Kyle Groves (Nicholas County); Spencer Kenney (Westside); Hunter Isom (Independence); Kolby Ellis (Shady Spring); Isaac Atkins (Liberty)

Honorable mention defense

Eli Sedlock (Oak Hill); Brent Meadows (PikeView); Alex Hall (Wyoming East); Garrett Kesterson (Nicholas County); Conner Gibson (Westside); Jacob Hatcher (Independence); Peyton Whitt (James Monroe); Shadraq Alexander (Shady Spring); Mark Rein (Liberty); Eli Selvey (Oak Hill); Logan Krauss (PikeView); Andrew Ellis (Liberty); Brandon Simpson (Wyoming East); Colten Keener (Nicholas County); Dakota Hurley (Westside); Chance Spencer (Independence); Caleb Whittaker (Shady Spring); Bryson Pinardo (Shady Spring); Christopher Mickey (Liberty)

Class A

1st team offense

QB – Caleb Jantuah (Richwood), Jr.

RB – Markis Crawford (Summers County), Jr.

RB – Colton Yoder (Midland Trail), Sr.

WR – Ayden Redden (Meadow Bridge), Jr.

WR – Michael McGee (Richwood), Sr.

OL – Cy Persinger (Midland Trail), Jr.

OL – Nick Waugh (Midland Trail), Sr.

OL – Darrelle Burdette (Meadow Bridge), Sr.

OL – Josh Hypes (Richwood), So.

OL – Dustin Stephens (Summers County), Sr.

Utl – Dustin Adkins (Meadow Bridge), So.

K – Caleb Okes (Summers County), Sr.

1st team defense

DL – Ty Roles (Meadow Bridge), So.

DL – Nick Waugh (Midland Trail), Sr.

DL – Danny Mansfield (Summers County), Jr.

DL – Aaron Sisler (Midland Trail), Jr.

DL – Logan Hatfield (Meadow Bridge), Jr.

LB – Hunter Claypool (Meadow Bridge), Jr.

LB – Robert Ruffner (Midland Trail), So.

LB – Dylan Hardy (Summers County), Sr.

LB – Trent Meador (Summers County), Sr.

DB – Johnny Stark (Midland Trail), Sr.

DB – Logan Fox (Summers County), Jr.

DB – Dylan Davis (Richwood), Sr.

Utl – Ethan Davis (Richwood), Sr.

2nd team offense

QB – Chris Vines (Midland Trail), Jr.

RB – Nick White (Meadow Bridge), Sr.

RB – Doye Ward (Richwood), Jr.

WR – Aaron Sisler (Midland Trail), Jr.

WR – Liam Gill (Midland Trail), Jr.

OL – Josh Landreth (Richwood), So.

OL – Travis Scarbrough (Midland Trail), Sr.

OL – Caidan Connor (Meadow Bridge), So.

OL – Jalin Keaton (Summers County), Jr.

OL – Isaak Stearns (Richwood), Jr.

Utl – Mason Hicks (Summers County), Jr.

2nd team defense

DL – Colton Yoder (Midland Trail), Sr.

DL – Chandler Mullins (Meadow Bridge), So.

DL – Cy Persinger (Midland Trail), Jr.

DL – Logan Trahan (Summers County), So.

DL – Tyler Workman (Richwood), So.

LB – Aden Isaacs (Midland Trail), So.

LB – Zach Moose (Richwood), So.

LB – Levi Lester (Meadow Bridge), So.

LB – Caleb Jantuah (Richwood), Jr.

DB – Tyler Miller (Summers County), Sr.

DB – James McClure (Meadow Bridge), So.

DB – Trevor Maichle (Midland Trail), Jr.

Utl – Landon Richmond (Summers County), Jr.

Honorable mention

Jarred Freeman (Richwood), Sr.; Doye Ward (Richwood), Jr.; Joseph Chastain (Summers County), Sr.; Julien Keaton (Summers County), So.; Landon James-Mullins (Meadow Bridge), So.; Rian Cooper (Meadow Bridge), So.; Beau Campbell (Midland Trail), Sr.; Zack Wood (Midland Trail), Sr.

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