Leading his heat

Oak Hill's Alex Pondexter leads his heat of the 100-meter dash in the County Shop Invitational. Pondexter was sixth in the 100 final and later won the 200 in 23.26 seconds. Also shown is Pondexter's teammate, Ryan Muse, at right.

The County Shop Invitational track and field meet was staged at Oak Hill High School last week.

In individual events in the girls division, there were several double-winners: They were as follows:

• Abby Buchan, Valley — high jump (5-0) and discus (105-6);

• Tyra Massey, Shady Spring — 100 and 200 (25.97);

• Taylor Hamm, Princeton — 400 (1:04.05) and 800 (2:41.6);

• Aidan Payton, Nicholas County — 1600 (6:00.87) and 3200 (13:28); and

• Mallory Baker, Greenbrier East — 100 hurdles (15.84) and 300 hurdles (48.32).

PikeView's Jason Weitzel was the lone double-winner in boys individual events, capturing the 1600 (4:40.92) and 3200 (10:36.84).

The Oak Hill boys got individual wins from Alex Pondexter in the 200 (23.26), Jacob Ashcraft in the 800 (2:16) and Deonte Scruggs in the high jump (tie for first, 5-8).

Also for the Red Devils, the 4x100 relay quartet of Pondexter, Scruggs, Ryan Muse and Zane Jones was victorious in 47.85, and the 4x400 unit of Scruggs, Ashcraft, Marv Blanchette and Logan Erickson crossed first in 3:58.75.

Following are individual results:


100 — Tyra Massey, SS; Misa Quesenberry, WE; Lexi Trigg, B; Maddie McClintic, GE; Serena Mullins, NC; Abby Buchan, V

200 — Tyra Massey, SS, 25.97; Maddie McClintic, GE; Mallory Baker, GE; Serena Mullins, NC; Lexi Trigg, B; Alexandria Wills, SS

400 — Taylor Hamm, P, 1:04.5; Raechyl Beard, GE; Lexie O'Dell, PV; Arianna Crawford, NC; Hanna Smith, PV; Myka Perry

800 — Taylor Hamm, P, 2:41.6; Katie Ervin, GE; Adrianna Mitchem, P; Lexie O'Dell, PV; Payton Fisher, MT; Callie Lamb, PV

1600 — Aidan Payton, NC, 6:00.87; Madison Kelbaugh, NC; Brianna Bevil, SS; Katie Phillips, SS; Carla Cook, WE; Becca Sheets, PV

3200 — Aidan Payton, NC, 13:28; Kierston Sutherland, GE; Madison Kelbaugh, NC; Katie Phillips, SS; Alexis Bryan, SS; Catherine Wade, GE

100 hurdles — Mallory Baker, GE, 15.84; Elizabeth Messer, NC; Arianna Crawford, NC; Lina Hoke, GE; Maria Stear, NC; Essence Brown, B

300 hurdles — Mallory Baker, GE, 48.32; Lina Hoke, GE; Heather Chernutan, SS; Hannah Taylor, SC; Emily Yates, GE; Maria Stear, NC

4x100 relay — Shady Spring (Heather Chernutan, Alexandria Wills, Sarah Houck, Tyra Massey), 54.35; Bluefield, Greenbrier East, Princeton, Chapmanville Regional, Oak Hill

4x200 — Shady Spring (Heather Chernuatan, Alexandria Wills, Kelsey Knoops, Tyra Massey), 1:55.43; Chapmanville Regional, Greenbrier East, Bluefield, Princeton, Greenbrier East B

4x400 — Greenbrier East (Raechyl Beard, Kaeley Boyd, Maddie McClintic, Abbi Shumaker), 4:35.06; Princeton, Richwood, Shady Spring

4x800 — Greenbrier East (Raechyl Beard, Kaeley Boyd, Katie Ervin, Kierston Sutherland), 11:07.9; Shady Spring, PikeView, Summers County, Oak Hill, Westside

Shuttle hurdles — Greenbrier East (Mallory Baker, Lina Hoke, Carley Midkiff, Emily Yates), 1:11.97; Nicholas County, Shady Spring, Oak Hill, PikeView, Greenbrier West

High jump — Abby Buchan, V, 5-0; Tae'a Scruggs, OH; Sarah Houck, SS; Karalie Rutherford, GE; Sparrow Void, B; tie - Autumn Cox, NC; and Abigail Gwinn, SS

Long jump — Maddie McClintic, GE, 15-10; Lydia Philoegen, L; tie - Elizabeth Messer, NC; and Lina Hoke, GE; Dericka Blankenship, NC; Abigail Gwinn, SS

Shot put — Megan Morgan, GE, 33-7.5; Courtney Hall, WE; Sarah Kessler, OH; Taylor Killen, CR; Abby Buchan, V; Brennah Staunton, GE

Discus — Abby Buchan, V, 105-6; Kalyssa Moore, GE; Sarah Kessler, OH; Brennah Staunton, GE; Courtney Hall, WE; Dericka Blankenship, NC


100 — Darryl Stewart, B; Shy Atkinson, GE; Elijah Green, B; Stephen DeMoss, SS; Ethan Thompson, CR; Alex Pondexter, OH

200 — Alex Pondexter, OH, 23.26; Ethan Thompson, CR; Nik Walker, WE; Oliver Amick, NC; Tre Mann, SC; John Carelli, V

400 — Stephen DeMoss, SS, 54.91; Oliver Amick, NC; Deonte Scruggs, OH; James Carte, MT; Jacob Ratliff, SC; Joshua Vance, CR

800 — Jacob Ashcraft, OH, 2:16; Oliver Horst, GE; Jacob Ratliff, SC; Justice Bowyer, GE; Thomas Thompson, CR; Justin Cochran, W

1600 — Jason Weitzel, PV, 4:40.92; Jacob Ashcraft, OH; Jackson Reed, NC; Bryce Paynter, MC; Justice Bowyer, GE; Michael Hayworth, WE

3200 — Jason Weitzel, PV, 10:36.84; Michael Hayworth, WE; Joe Yeager, NC; Daniel Baldwin, PV; Ryan Young, SS

110 hurdles — Juvenal Perez, NC, 16.41; Christian Farley, CR; Tyler Jarrett, NC; Levi Messer, SS; Tre Colucci, W; tie - Jacob McBride, SC; and Adam Terry, CR

300 hurdles — Mason Tincher, GE, 42.36; Levi Mowery, R; Matt Ryan, SC; Austin Weis, I; Tre McDowell, L; Levi Messer, SS

4x100 relay — Oak Hill (Alex Pondexter, Deonte Scruggs, Ryan Muse, Zane Jones), 47.85; Greenbrier East, Wyoming East, Westside, Chapmanville Regional, Liberty

4x200 — Bluefield (Elijah Green, Latrell Collier, Broughton Johnson, Darryl Stewart), 1:37.55; Wyoming East, Chapmanville Regional, Liberty, PikeView, Shady Spring

4x400 — Oak Hill (Deonte Scruggs, Marv Blanchette, Jacob Ashcraft, Logan Erickson), 3:58.75; Princeton, Summers County, Westside, Midland Trail

4x800 — Princeton (Dylan Brookman, Jacob Whittington, Jared Hamm, Aaron McCabe), PikeView, Midland Trail, Summers County, Westside

Shuttle hurdles — Greenbrier East (Jamie Boone, Trip Zobrist, Levi Whitt, Mason Tincher), 1:06.04; Summers County, Greenbrier West, PikeView, Richwood, Shady Spring

High jump — tie - Isaiah Godfrey, GE, Brian Shumate, I; and Deonte Scruggs, OH, 5-8; tie - Jordan Schwarm, SS, and Rahiem Stafford, GE

Long jump — Levi Whitt, GE, 19-11; Stephen DeMoss, SS; Zavion Lawson, GE; Marv Blanchette, OH; Marcus Guy, I; tie - Justin Kitzmiller, R; and Sebastian Mann, PV

Shot put — Braeden Isaacs, 38-9.5; Jacob Stump, L; Evan Roberts, GE; Cameron Hunter; Zach Grady, SC; tie - Christian McGuire, MT; and Casey Forren, SC

Discus — Jacob Stump, L, 141-9; Trey Williams, I; Samuel Jarrett, SS; Casey Forren, SC; Tanner Dillon, CFR; A.J. Milam, L

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