Action from Week 1 of the Fayetteville Youth Basketball League is shown. Among those pictured are Dr. Katie Faulkner, Mountaineers coach, and Justin Shockey, Bulls coach.

Following are Fayetteville Youth Basketball League results from Week 1 action on Jan. 8:

Division 3 (K-1)

Bulls 13, Mountaineers 11

Bulls are coached by Becky Shockey and the Mountaineers are coached by Katie Faulkner.

Wildcats 9, Timberwolves 4

Wildcats are coached by Paul Perdue and the Timberwolves are coached by Nathan Fell.

Ducks 18, Herd 11

Ducks are coached by Kendall Shumaker and Herd are coached by Brad White.

Division 2 (2-3)

Crusaders 18, Gators 16

Crusaders are coached by Randall Rosiek and the Gators are coached by Matt Diederich.

Hornets 16, Panthers 14

Hornets are coached by Reid Meadows and the Panthers are coached by Chris Smith.

Raptors 16, Huskies 8

Raptors are coached by Casey Lewis and the Huskies are coached by Jessica Swank.

Boys Division 1 (4-6)

Bucks 26, Spurs 25

Bucks scoring: J. Shockey 10, B. Parsons 8, N. Bolar 6 and I. McManaway 2. Bucks are coached by Justin Shockey.

Spurs scoring: S. Emery 16, T. McKinney 4, J. Smith 2, E. Proskin 2 and L. Hall 1. Spurs are coached by James Gill.

Lakers 32, 76ers 4

Lakers scoring: J. Lewis 10, M. Williams 6, T. Bragg 4, P. Harrah 4, J. Swafford 4 and T. Williams 4. Lakers are coached by Larry Harrah.

76ers scoring: D. Robinson 2 and S. Smith 2. The 76ers are coached by Josh Smith.

Girls Division 1 (4-6)

Sting 18, Sparks 11

Sting scoring: K. Hildebrand 10, K. Lewis 4, K. Allen 2 and E. Skaggs 2. Sting are coached by Rodney Skaggs.

Sparks scoring: R. Dial 5, R. Childers 4 and K. Thomas 2. Sparks are coached by Alison Ibarra.

Lynx 24, Liberty 8

Lynx: L. Hrabosky 18 points and 12 rebounds, followed in scoring by J. Hill 4 and A. Johnston 2. Lynx are coached by Matt Wriston.

Liberty: L. Hart 4 points and 11 rebounds, followed by H. Scritchfield with 4 points. Liberty are coached by Dave Taylor.

A thank you is issued to the week's sponsors, Flat Top Fridays of Fayetteville for sponsoring the Division 1 Spurs, and Pies and Pints of Fayetteville for sponsoring the Division 1 Bucks.

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