OAK HILL — Shady Spring earned a pair of team victories in last week's County Shop Invitational track and field meet at Oak Hill High School.

In the boys competition, the Tigers accumulated 114 points to outlast Oak Hill (97) and the rest of the field.

On the girls side, Shady Spring scored 154 to handle runner-up Oak Hill (124) and the other teams.

In boys individual events, Oak Hill's Michael Beasley and Shady Spring's Korbin Taylor and Joe Cantley were double-winners. Beasley captured the long jump (20 feet, 9 inches) and the high jump (6-0) for the Red Devils. For the Tigers, Taylor was victorious in the 1600 (4 minutes, 58.85 seconds) and 3200, while Cantley crossed first in both hurdles races: 110 (15.71) and 300 (41.52).

Shady Spring standout Erica Hegele was a triple-winner to pace the girls field. Hegele won the 100 hurdles (15.27), 300 hurdles (47.48) and long jump (15-9 1/4). She was also second in the 800 to Oak Hill's Kiya Babkirk, who won the event in 2:35.73.

Oak Hill's Tori Mackowiak was a two-time individual winner. Mackowiak claimed victories in the 200 (27.02) and 400 (1:00.85).

Fayetteville's Liz Rahall won the 3200 and was runner-up in the 1600 (6:15.37).

The Oak Hill girls were victorious in four of five relays on the night. They were as follows:

• 4x100 (Georgia White, Madison James, Marcayla King, Shannon Farrow), 54.15

• 4x200 (Georgia White, Madison James, Marcayla King, Tori Mackowiak), 1:56.99

• 4x400 (Samiah Lynch, Tori Mackowiak, Kiya Babkirk, Georgia White), 4:42.21

• 4x800 (Kiya Babkirk, Eden Gilkey, Samiah Lynch, Morgan Wills).

"Both teams performed great," said Oak Hill head coach George Smith. "I was really impressed with Seth Crosier in the mile and Mason Harp in the mile and 3200.

"On the girls side, all the usual athletes were great (Tori Mackowiak, Georgia White, Morgan Wills). But I had some surprises in the girls high jump. Destiny Minor, Amanda Flint and Alina Mackowiak all placed in the high jump and gave us a pretty good boost in score right out of the gate."

Oak Hill will compete at Independence on Friday. "A good week of work will help us out," said Smith.

Up next for Fayetteville is the Liberty Invitational on April 16.

• • •

Midland Trail was represented in the Capitol City Classic in Charleston last Friday.

Roger Carte was third in the discus (135-7), while teammate Joshua Cooper placed fourth in the 400 (53.29) and fifth in the 200 (24.16).

The Patriots' 4x100 relay unit was sixth in 47:05.

• • •

Below are complete County Shop Invitational results:


Team scores: Shady Spring 154, Oak Hill 124, Greenbrier East A 92, PikeView 32, Sherman 21, Bluefield 18.5, Fayetteville 18, Independence 14.5, Westside 12, Wyoming East 11, Summers County 9, Richwood 6, Princeton 5, Greenbrier East B 4, Liberty 2, Sherman B 1

Individual events

100 — Reagan Hefner (SS), 13.19; Shannon Farrow (OH), Summer Brown (B), Lillie Shineberry (GE), Emma Dotson (GE), Caraline Nelson (S)

200 — Tori Mackowiak (OH), 27.02; Reagan Hefner (SS), Summer Brown (B), Madison Shepherd (SS), Lillie Shineberry (GE), Daisha Summers (WE)

400 — Tori Mackowiak (OH), 1:00.85; Samiah Lynch (OH), Reagan Hefner (SS), Fiona Beery (GE), Sidney Hacker (R), Samantha Ellison (P)

800 — Kiya Babkirk (OH), 2:35.73; Erica Hegele (SS), Elinor McLeod (GE), Fiona Beery (GE), Morgan Wills (OH), Megan Cooper (SC)

1600 — Gracelynn Denning (GE), 6:14.22; Liz Rahall (F), Britney Cochran (W), Morgan Wills (OH), Victoria Parks (GE), Elyssa Hager (S)

3200 — Liz Rahall (F), Victoria Parks (GE), Britney Cochran (W), Maya Mills (OH), Johanna Bodin (SS), Mia Bennett (SS)

100 hurdles — Erica Hegele (SS), 15.27; Taylor Sexton (SS), Hannah Lawson (SS), Haylee Rose (PV), Amanda Flint (OH), Zoe Johnson (SC)

300 hurdles — Erica Hegele (SS), 47.48; Madison Shepherd (SS), Taylor Sexton (SS), Autumn Richardson (PV), Ashley Hatfield (L), Amanda Flint (OH)


4x100 — Oak Hill (Georgia White, Madison James, Marcayla King, Shannon Farrow), 54.15; Shady Spring, Greenbrier East, Bluefield, PikeView, Summers County

4x200 — Oak Hill (Georgia White, Madison James, Marcayla King, Tori Mackowiak), 1:56.99; Shady Spring, Greenbrier East, Summers County, Greenbrier East B, Princeton

4x400 — Oak Hill (Samiah Lynch, Tori Mackowiak, Kiya Babkirk, Georgia White), 4:42.21; Greenbrier East, Shady Spring, Richwood

4x800 — Oak Hill (Kiya Babkirk, Eden Gilkey, Samiah Lynch, Morgan Wills), PikeView, Shady Spring, Independence, Greenbrier East B, Bluefield

Shuttle hurdles — Shady Spring (Josie Culicerto, Hannah Lawson, Brianna Reed, Taylor Sexton), 1:14.92; PikeView, Greenbrier East, Oak Hill, Summers County, Independence

Field events

High jump — Edie McMillion (GE), 4-6; Destiny Minor (OH),  tie-Ashliegh Clarke (SS) and Amanda Flint (OH), Alina Mackowiak (OH), Syble Aboytes (S)

Long jump — Erica Hegele (SS), 15-9 1/4; Caraline Nelson (S), Marcayla King (OH), tie-Emma Eisenbeiss (GE) and Courtney Moyer (GE), Kelsie Dangerfield (SS)

Shot put — Lexi Bowen (WE), 29-1; Brittany Coultier (I), Sarah Stamper (PV), Brooklyn Lipford (SS), tie-Madisyn Jarrett (I) and Autumn Spangler (B)

Discus — Kenzi Ferrell (S), 89-5; Madison Boswell (GE), Brooklyn Lipford (SS), tie-Allana Taylor (P) and Hailey Quesenberry (SS), Stormy Walls (Sherman B)


Team scores: Shady Spring 114, Oak Hill 97, Greenbrier East A 61, Sherman 56, PikeView 51, Bluefield 40, tie-Westside 17 and Richwood 17, Princeton 15, Summers County 14, Independence 12, Fayetteville 9, Wyoming East 7, Shady Spring B 4

Individual events

100 — Jace Colucci (W), 11.66; Elijah Edie (S), Logan Broyles (OH), Isaiah Johnson (B), Antwjuan Pagan (OH), Kolten Mueller (SS)

200 — Isaiah Valentine (SS), 23.9; Logan Broyles (OH), Michael Beasley (OH), Joe Cantley (SS), Jacob Neal (SS), Chiron Cannady (P)

400 — Justin Sexton (GE), 50.23; Jadon Hershberger (SS), Isaac Blake (R), Logan Broyles (OH), Brannon Pettrey (PV), Michael Beasley (OH)

800 — Spencer Beery (GE), 2:11.65; Ian Bibb (OH), Seth Crosier (OH), Colton Testerman (SS), Kevin Tate Jr. (P), Grey Hazuka (SS)

1600 — Korbin Taylor (SS), 4:58.85; Seth Crosier (OH), Dayton Austin (GE), Mason Harp (OH), Gage Damewood (PV), Dalton Blake (WE)

3200 — Korbin Taylor (SS), Dayton Austin (GE), Mason Harp (OH), Gage Damewood (PV), Trey Stanley (R), Colton Testerman (SS)

110 hurdles — Joe Cantley (SS), 15.71; Gabriel Paxton (GE), Cole Christian (PV), Chiron Cannady (P), Jack Ellis (F), Kolten Mueller (SS)

300 hurdles — Joe Cantley (SS), 41.52; Jacob Neal (SS), Cole Christian (PV), Jack Ellis (F), Raymond Brown (B), Gabriel Paxton (GE)


4x100 — Bluefield (J.J. Davis, Juice Edwards, Isaiah Johnson, Jahiem House), 45.89; Summers County, Bluefield B, Sherman, Greenbrier East, Fayetteville

4x200 — Shady Spring (Jadon Hershberger, Jacob Neal, Isaiah Valentine, Kolten Mueller), 1:35.97; Bluefield, Summers County, Greenbrier East, Sherman, Independence

4x400 — Shady Spring (Jadon Hershberger, Joe Cantley, Jacob Neal, Isaiah Valentine), 3:50.18; Greenbrier East, PikeView, Shady Spring B, Fayetteville, Richwood

4x800 — Oak Hill (Dylan Massey, Ian Bibb, Mason Harp, Seth Crosier), 9:07.91; PikeView, Shady Spring, Princeton, Bluefield, Sherman

Shuttle hurdles — PikeView (Brandon Pettrey, Nicholas Holbert, Logan Ramsey, Cole Christian), 1:11.08; Oak Hill

Field events

High jump — Michael Beasley (OH), 6-0; Raymond Brown (B), Jace Colluci (W), Jacob Mazzella (R), Hunter Scott (GE), Dalton Rollo (S)

Long jump — Michael Beasley (OH), 21-9; Elijah Edie (S), Brannon Pettrey (PV), Amir Powell (P), Isaac Blake (R), Cole Christian (PV)

Shot put — Michael Powers (I), 46-7; Tommy Harper (S), Ian Beller (S), Austin Stover (SS), Marion Lawson (GE), Micheal Cline (W)

Discus — Tommy Harper (S), 152-1; Ian Beller (S), Michael Elkins (WE), Austin Stover (SS), Josh Landreth (R), Elijah Trotter (I)

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